Free Phone Fridays to Hit Best Buy in October

Free phones on Fridays? That's what Best Buy announced on Tuesday at its Holiday Preview event in New York. Free Phone Fridays will run every Friday in October, and starts Oct. 1st. It's not just about lame devices either: one of the devices in the first group: the Samsung Fascinate on the Verizon network.

Each Free Phone Friday will include a device from each of the big 4 U.S. carrier (T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T and Verizon). This week's selections:
  • Samsung Fascinate (Verizon)
  • BlackBerry Curve (Sprint)
  • HTC Aria (AT&T)
  • Samsung Gravity 3 (T-Mobile)
Except for this initial week, the weekly deals will be announced in stores and online, including Best Buy Mobile’s Facebook page and Twitter account, at 1 p.m. CT on Thursday. The free phones require a new, upgrade or add-a-line activation with a two-year agreement. Not that you expected it, but there will be no rain checks.

We would expect the iPhone 4 to not make this promotion, but Best Buy does say that each week will feature "at least one high-end, in-demand smart phone." We'll take a wild guess and say the Fascinate is this week's in-demand phone (certainly not the BlackBerry Curve).
Via:  Best Buy
lonewolf 4 years ago

Yea it would be nice to see the IPhone 3GS offered. But even with that monthly bill I might still pass.

Still its good to see Best Buy offering this promotion.

Nethersprite 4 years ago

Odd, I see no mention of this on Best Buy's website...then again, they'd probably wait until 11:59 PM on Thursday to post it, so they don't get swamped as they would announcing it a few days in advance. I would want to jump on this, but two-year agreement? Not my thing. I'm fine with my RAZR for now.

inspector 4 years ago

Ya two year contracts suck, i would like a new phone every year... too bad that isn't happening for me... :(

Maybe not an iphone 4 but a older version of the iphone will be part of it.

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