Forrester: IE Still Dominates the Workplace, But Browser Diversity Common

Microsoft's Internet Explorer has a huge advantage in the browser wars because it ships with every copy of Windows, which is why the European Union forced the software maker to offer a so-called browser ballot on new Windows PCs. What's interesting, however, is that even though IE is usually the default option on most workplace computers, the influx of alternative devices such as smartphones and tablets is leading to more browser diversity, according to recent research by Forrester.

According to Forrester, IE claims a 40.2 percent share of the browser market, trumping Google Chrome at 27.8 percent and Mozilla Firefox at 25.4 percent, VentureBeat reports. Apple's Safari browser trails far behind at just 1.8 percent. The numbers vary depending on which sources you use -- StatCounter and NetMarketShare report very different findings, for example -- but no matter where you get your data, diversity is the name of the browser game these days.

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"Whichever data source we use, the overall picture painted for I&O professionals comes out the same: Today, even when IT departments standardize around a particular browser brand and version, browser diversity is quite common in the enterprise," Forrester VP and Infrastructure & Operations analyst J.P. Gownder stated in a new report. "For I&O professionals, the bottom line is that standardizing around one browser version doesn’t mean that your company won’t see a variety of browser types and versions. With BYO and information workers’ use of tablets and smartphones on the rise, this era of diversity only stands to grow richer in the near future."

As far as operating systems go, Windows 7 is the most popular choice among enterprise environments. Forrester's data has Windows 7 installed on 47.5 percent of all enterprise machines, followed by Windows XP at 38.2, though XP's share is expected to fall fast in 2014 when Microsoft ends support for the legacy OS.

Which browser do you use most often these days? Is it different than the one you use in the workplace?
Via:  VentureBeat
thunderdan602 one year ago

For my home pc use, which is a Windows 7 pro 64 bit machine I put together, I tend to use Firefox the most, as it seems a bit faster than Chrome and IE. I have to admit though though, between the three, Chrome seems to be a bit more "stable". I do like that IE seems improved, say least to me, as far as speed goes, but of the three it seems to be the least "stable". At work, and I work for a municipal government in a non IT position, we use Windows 7 enterprise 64 bit, it's all IE. That being said, we are prohibited from using the internet for non work related matters.

SvennaCirclet one year ago

I use Chrome on my main computer and Firefox on my netbook. Chrome takes way too much out of my smaller computer. I haven't used IE in almost ten years unless it's at a library or at my parents' house. I don't know of anyone that voluntarily uses it either. At my work, we use Chrome.

truk007 one year ago

Where I work, IE7 is the browser of choice on a XP based system. I think they force us to use it there because it makes browsing the net incredibly frustrating. Thus, they expect us to browse the net less. I think the IT dept. is run by monkeys.

Clixxer one year ago

I'm pretty sure most IT departments are run by monkeys since they always have no concept of how the real world vs a lab is.

rychu79 one year ago

I love Chrome and Firefox

MayhemMatthew one year ago

People... a business will use IE because it is easy to apply group policies. Harder with other browsers. I find Opera most stable myself. I crash Chrome a lot and Firefox eats my RAM too readily (eventually leading to a crash). I basically never exit Opera.

ajm531 one year ago

ie is the most common in work places because work places dont really care. they a bunch of windows machines and just get them going with their company software and thats it. and they probably want you on the internet in the first place much less downloading and installing a different browser . IE the most used internet browser to download and install other browsers

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