Flipper USB Enables Upside-Down USB Connections

Well, isn't this just useful? If you're an avid computer user, particularly a mobile computer user, you've probably dealt with sticking a USB flash drive or USB cable into a USB port "the wrong way." And by that we mean upside-down. Best case scenario, you simply pull it back and try again; worst case, however, you could ruin either the device/cable or the connector itself.

UltraTek has a solution to a problem that has haunted (or at least annoyed) computer users for years. The Flipper USB is a male USB end that accepts a USB device or cable regardless of which side is inserted up or down. It's not that complex, but it looks like you'll need a Flipper for each USB port you want made "universal." There's no price being made public right now, but if this is really so simple, why aren't these integrated right into computers? Anyone?

UltraTek Introduces the New Patented Friendly & Safe Flipper (flip-able) USB
Connections for all computer users

Torrance, CA June 25, 2010 – UltraTek, a technology research company, is pleased to
announce their new Flipper USB products which are available to computer users.
“Unlike conventional USB products” said Douglas Walker, VP of Marketing & Sales for
UltraTek, “our patent (US 7717717) Flipper USB can plug into your computer in either
orientation. It is flip-able and that‘s what USB should be!”

Flipper USB has many advantages over the traditional non-flip-able USB devices. Flipper
USB is user-friendly and safe. With Flipper USB, it fits into the computer port either
way. The user simply plugs in his/her USB device without looking, trying, thinking or
guessing. It simply just works. This could save the user tremendous time and frustration.
Furthermore, since Flipper is “flip-able”, the computer users will never make the mistake
of pushing the device too hard in the wrong orientation, therefore avoiding damage to the
computer or the USB device.

In addition to the above “Friendly & Safe” features, the Flipper USB offers spare/backup
connections. In case of damage to one side of the connector, the computer user can
simply “flip it over” and use the other side of the USB device without loss of data or
With all the features and advantages, Flipper USB products won’t cost more, thanks to
the advanced smart design which makes Flipper truly affordable.

UltraTek offers Flipper connectors for all USB related products. USB flash disk, Wi-Fi,
BlueTooth, mouse, keyboard, camera, cables and adapters. In addition, the Flipper
adapter converts the regular, non-Flipper USB product to a Flipper USB product. For
ordering Flipper USB or more information, please contact Alex Levy at (310) 408-9711
or e-mail flipperUSB@gmail.com . * * *
Via:  UltraTek
sackyhack 4 years ago

Holy crap, it's like Ultratek interviewed my mother when trying to decide on their next product. I remember a ridiculous situation where she'd just gotten an ipod for her b-day and I was shoving my hands together and borderline crying "See how the right thumb goes int he left palm and the left fingers go in the right palm?? It's like that!!!" and she'd still take like a whole minute staring at the port and cord and still getting it wrong.

inspector 4 years ago

LOL, really useless if it i have to buy it separately. If it came integrated with a motherboard or case then cool but if i have to spend money (Im sure its not that much) and buy one for every port then i rather just look at how im putting in the USB and put it in right :D

ClemSnide 4 years ago

I really want to like this, but... My own solution is a bit more economical. See, many cables (printers, mice, etc.) go in and stay in. Maybe you get the orientation wrong once, but from then on you hardly notice it, unless you're a LAN party honcho. For things that get routinely plugged and unplugged, like iPod cables and flash drives, I put a little adhesive paper dot (available from Staples for next to nothing) on the "top" of the device or cable end. I spent less than a dollar, and I have enough to cover any hardware that I'll buy until the sun burns out in 2012.

acarzt 4 years ago

This has never been a problem for me... And if you get it wrong putting it in the first time... just flip it over. It takes 2 seconds lol.

3vi1 4 years ago

You guys are just haters. Obviously, this 7yr old has invented a great product.

I'm assuming the kid in the video invented it, because I don't know who else would think this was a good idea.

acarzt 4 years ago

I don't think that kid created it... I think he is just there to show that this is so easy to use, even a kid can do it.

3vi1 4 years ago

Hehe... As you Americans say, I was making with the jokes. :)

acarzt 4 years ago

But the coat is black.... I don't get it....

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