Flight Simulator Set to Soar Again

The future of Microsoft's acclaimed and beloved Flight Simulator product has been up in the air since early in 2009, when layoffs hit Flight Simulator staff. In fact, there hadn't been a refresh of the franchise since 2006. Until now.

On Tuesday, Microsoft announced the latest revision of the game, dropping the "Simulator" portion of the name as well as any reference to numbering. Much as with movies like "Batman Begins" the name implies a reboot of the series, but not all the way back to the original days where you might fly a Sopwith Camel in B/W (as in the first Flight Simulator). Microsoft also added there will be an online component to the new game through Windows Live.

In the past, Flight Simulator has been accurate to the point that private pilot-wanna-be's would train with it. We know of at least two acquaintances who did so. It's unclear if the new game will be so accurate, or will be more of, well, a game. Here's all Microsoft has said so far, via a press release:
"Twenty-eight years after the debut of Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0, Microsoft Game Studios also announced the internal development of Microsoft Flight, a new Windows exclusive. Microsoft Flight will bring a new perspective to the long-standing genre, welcoming everyone, including long-time fans, to experience the magic of flight."
Watch a teaser trailer on the new game:

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Mahen23 4 years ago

typo error: tyhe

Inspector 4 years ago

... That was a fast trailer... Didn't even show much :(... I would like to get a flight simulator game though.

sackyhack 4 years ago

I was never a big fan. I remember trying one a few years ago and not even being able to get off the runway. But I hope they don't try to dumb it down and make it arcady for mass-appeal and alienate the people who stuck with the franchise (unless arcade mode is an extra on top of the sim aspects. in that case all the more power to them).

Der Meister 4 years ago

All the flight sim games were fun to a point.... I could never land any of the small planes, which i might add i can do in real life. The most fun was just flying around looking at the scenery. 

3vi1 4 years ago

The most fun is seeing if you can roll at last second so that you fly through the support cables of the Golden Gate bridge without tearing your wings off.

TwilightZone 4 years ago

Why does everyone keep calling "flight simulator" a game? It is NOT a game any more than Starry Night or Real Flight -- both $300.00+ products, or even a typing tutor. In fact, flying schools use FSX to teach students radio navigation and how to navigate airports (ground control), get them familiar with ATC, ILS, IFR navigation, etc. When I brought my son to a flying school at Dupage Airport for his first introductory flight, the first thing they had him do in the orientation class is to familiarize himself using FSX. They routinely use FSX for their regular classes to teach students. We now have FS2004 and FSX, which we use all the time to learn stuff; -- and which I have invested $100's in add-ons. So, it is NOT a game, it is a SIMULATOR that actually teaches!

animatortom 4 years ago

Everything looks better in the cinematics! I would be impressed if they were able to acieve that look within a DX11 enviroment?

Having played every version, I am sure I wont miss this one! I just hope that their Helicopter simulations are better in this version! That is one area that they have always been a little behind on. For training they only tend to have the most minimal controls they feel they can get away with. Most aircraft you can dowload almost a fully simulated cockpit and do even better when paired with proper control emulators. Yet the choppers always tend to be simplified?

Either way I will be waiting to see what this next generation brings!

fat78 4 years ago

WOOT flight simulator is back. so going to buy this once i find out i can preorder it.Was told flight simulator ended creating games, but glad to see the game is back.

Also i woulda made the trailer so much cooler. Maybe show some carriers having planes land and take off, or show a stunt plane race close up.

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