First 4G LTE Phone Gets Approved By The FCC

Recently, the FCC approved the first handset that will use LTE (long-term evolution) 4G technology. Although Sprint may have been the first to launch a WiMAX phone earlier this year with the HTC EVO 4G, MetroPCS is hoping to be the first carrier to launch the first handset in the United States with LTE 4G technology on board.

Earlier this year, MetroPCS announced its first LTE 4G wireless handset in the form of the Samsung SCH-r900 in March. Now this phone has been approved by the FCC. Although FCC approval doesn't mean the phone will be available soon, MetroPCS has said that it hopes to launch the LTE handset sometime this summer. MetroPCS hasn't provided an update in recent months on the progress with its LTE network and hasn't said when the upgraded network or the device will launch.

At this point, we don't know much about the Samsung SCH-r900 including which operating system it will run. We would suspect the phone will either be a feature phone or smartphone, and it's quite possible that it could run on Android. The phone uses the 1700/1900MHz spectrum that MetroPCS owns for LTE, standard CDMA voice technology, and also has Wi-Fi. When Samsung announced the r900 it said it would have real-time streaming video-on-demand, Web browsing, music downloading and other features.

Verizon Wireless is working on its own LTE build out and is committed to launching 25 to 30 markets later this year. We expect the first devices to launch will be laptop dongles rather than phones.

Via:  FCC
acarzt 4 years ago

lol... nice white out job... what was the point of that?

Nice looking phone... it will probably ship with Android on board.

And... summer is almost over... so if they plan on shipping this thing "this summer" they don't have much time left...

inspector 4 years ago

why do you guys think verizon will release LTE for laptops then phones?

lol when i first saw metropcs store i thought it was a one store company... guess i was off then :). The more 4G the better for us to have a choice!

AKwyn 4 years ago

That's nice but I wish it wasn't on MetroPCS. I do admit they're cheap but their coverage areas only cover most areas in New York, California, Texas and Florida. Barely any coverage for the rest of America.

inspector 4 years ago

Acarzt, probably don't want to be spreading rumors of upcoming phones or something or it came like that xD. (Should of just cut the parts you wanted to show out Smile)

soldier1969 4 years ago

Good luck with battery life with 4G turned on, the Evo gets like 2 hours with it on lol. Fail

inspector 4 years ago

well soldier, thats why we all carry around a power generator! :D lol.

But does it really only get 2 hours? What kind of phone would that be? i can't even get to and from work (just the ride there and back) with that then :D

infinityzen 4 years ago

Battery life on the Evo isn't that bad if you actually take the time to turn off or slow down the 20 something auto-update every hour things that come activated on it. I played around with it for about 10 minutes to set all of those to once a day or on demand, wiped out the ones I never use, and now my phone will last all day with some gaming and browsing. On standby it was still at half charge after two days (forgot to pllug it in, doh!).

So in closing, the Evo doesn't get sucky battery life because of its hardware. It gets sucky battery life because of a sucky default setup.

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