Firefox 23 Released with Sharing, Mixed Content Blocking and Network Monitor

Not sure if you've noticed, but the browser space has been on fire of late. Mozilla's development team has clearly been working overtime, as Firefox 23 has just gone official today in non-beta form. For starters, you may notice that the Firefox ball logo looks a little different, and that's by design. The team has gently overhauled the look, bringing with a more modern motif.

Beyond that, one of the key additions is mixed content blocking, which (when enabled), protects users from "man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdroppers on HTTPS pages." There's also a new options panel for Web Developer Toolbox, new social share functionality and most everything else is tweaked from Firefox 22 to ensure better performance all around. Naturally, security fixes are at the heart of the overhaul, so it's definitely worth downloading if you haven't already. Check out the release notes for additional details if you like as well.

Let us know how you're feeling about it in comments.
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DustinMaxfield one year ago

Go Mozilla!

Your logo looks so much more logo-y than your last logo.

But I'm glad they've stuck with the same design. It helps foster brand awareness, changes should only be made if absolutely necessary.

And security updates are also much appreciated.

mike coyne one year ago

I did update FireFox 23 today. It was big improved and quickly. I like it a lot!

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