Facebook Timeline Rolling Out Worldwide Whether You Like It or Not

If you don’t have it already, surely you’ve seen some of your friends’ Facebook profiles converted to the new Timeline format: a large, (probably low-res) wide picture with a little profile pic inset on the lower left, a bit of personal info below that, and a two-column stream of stuff about them and their personal histories, including their friends, likes, places they’ve visited, photos, and so on.

Like some, perhaps you’ve been dreading the day you have to spend an hour rejiggering your profile to suit the new format, untagging yourself in everything unflattering you can think of from your college days, selecting new privacy settings for everything you’ve posted since you first signed up for Facebook, and trying to think of a good photo to use for that huge picture at the top of your page.

Well, that day is coming, and soon. Facebook announced that over the next few weeks, everyone will be getting Timeline. Once it lands on your account, you’ll have 7 days to preview your profile’s new look before it goes live to the Facebook world. Timeline is a big format change for the social network, and it has its fans and detractors alike, but if you want to keep using Facebook, you’ll be using Timeline before spring arrives.

Timeline is fine, and everyone will get used to it regardless, but we wish Facebook would put aside some of these massive changes and just roll out a “dislike” button and make it possible to comment on a comment. Can we get an amen on that?
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DNguyen1 2 years ago

there's a facebook app that provides covers and cover creation tools for your timeline. the link is https://apps.facebook.com/timeline_covers?mnd

LBowen 2 years ago

I'm going to check out Google Plus because Facebook is mucking things up. If it isn't broke don't fix it.

LLeCompte 2 years ago

Google PLus is really fun, i just wish more people were on it. The Time line is a cool thing, people will hate it then learn to like it, it happens everytime they change something.

KMitchell 2 years ago

I love Google+...i use it as much as I do FB if not more..Waiting on my family to finish converting to it, then bye bye FB

OptimusPrimeTime 2 years ago

I hated Timeline at first when a lot of my friends started using it, but I have gotten used to it , in someways its convenient. I agree Seth, A dislike button would make it awesome, and the cool thing is that on Facebook you know who actually gave a like,so you will know who Dis-liked as well. I also would love the reply feature on comments, would make it whole lot easier to interact and directly respond to people comments on certain pages I follow.

It be cool if Hothardware Thumbs Up and Down were public too including the 5 Star rating system in the Forum.

FreeJet 2 years ago

You mean, can I get a "Ah, man". Frankly my dear, I don't give a "like". The more Facebook changes, the more confused I get. And you would think a "Google" would be enough, but now it has a plus size. I know we are all getting fatter, but this is getting to be riDONKulous. I might need to use that timeline to travel back to a simpler, less complicated era.

sackyhack 2 years ago

Eh. Been using it for a while, it's not that bad. At first the boxes seems like they're in really random spots, but once I realized they were in chronological order the whole thing kinda clicked in my head.

goldone 2 years ago

I'm not really a big facebook fan to begin with. With that said the new timeline rollout is neither here nor there with me as facebook does what they want regardless. What I would like to see facebook do is poll their users and provide something that at least the majority of users want. Another thing I think facebook ought to do is to let their users know when they make changes. Too many times I've logged onto facebook and bam something just doesn't look right then I have to search the net to find out how to adjust my settings.

omegadraco 2 years ago

Not really happy about this especially considering my pictures are not really relevant to my profile. Hopefully I will still be able to hide everything I want from the public :(

cowboyspace 2 years ago

I don't like it it, facebook just looks  mroe disorganized with all those boxes O_O

BD 2 years ago

If your looking for great timeline covers go to http://facebooktimelinebanner.com/ they have thousands of great timeline covers

AKwyn 2 years ago

Eh. I don't use Facebook that much to matter but I still think that Timeline is gimmicky and needless; I can understand it's intentions but it just serves to inhibit an already overrated experience.

In any case, if it is forced upon me I won't configure my Facebook profile to revolve around it. Mostly, it'll remain the same as it always been; spare and unpopulated.

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