Facebook Passes MySpace Worldwide

Don't worry, Rupert (Murdoch); MySpace still outdraws Facebook in terms of unique U.S. visitors. But in terms of worldwide visitors: second place.

comScore statistics indicate that Facebook drew even with MySpace in April.  At that point, the networks interested about 115 million users each.  If we're allowed mentally to extend the growth lines through today, Facebook's likely closer to 120 million, and MySpace has almost undoubtedly been left behind.

Keep an eye out for official global "nail in the coffin" reports, then.  Since different research firms come up with varying figures, they'll trickle in for a while, making MySpace's position look quite bad.

Why the trend?  Many have blamed it on the cluttered UI at MySpace.  However, hope is on the way for Murdoch, as next week (Wednesday) MySpace is slated to roll out a new UI.  We'll see if it reverses the trend.

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Crisis Causer 6 years ago

Unfortunately Facebook's UI has been getting cluttered too.  Not mine though; I refuse to add anything.  But people have so many "applications" now it's out of control almost ad bad as myspace.  But at least no music or custom backround.


ice91785 6 years ago

I was just going to mention that its weird facebook has not added any custom layouts or anything to ppl's pages -- after all thats a huge reason why myspace was so popular; all the kids could be individuals by putting pictures and stupid backgrounds and all that good jazz up.

I agree with Crisis in that its stupid that they allow SOOOO many applications to be added -- shouldn't it raise a flag when it takes people about 2 minutes just to scroll to the bottom of someone's page?

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