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Well, you had to know some negative feedback was en route. It seems that each time Facebook redesigns its News Feed, an entire swath of the Internet comes out and swears that they'll never use Facebook again. But then, active users just increase more and more. But with Facebook Home, it's a little different. Analysts are users alike have been asking Facebook for more clarity on what Home means for privacy -- particularly for those who go with an HTC First, where there's really no avoiding the Facebook connection.

Today, the social network tossed up a blog post detailing a few answers. Clearly, the company states that: "Home doesn't change anything related to your privacy settings on Facebook, and your privacy controls work the same with Home as they do everywhere else on Facebook." In fact, you won't be forced to use Home unless you choose to do so. Those who try Home out can easily disable it should they find it not to their liking, and much like other parts of Facebook, Home collects information when you interact with the service, such as liking or commenting on a post or sending a message. Home also may collect other information about how you use it. For example, Facebook maintains a list of the apps that you have in the Home app launcher. Facebook holds on to that information for 90 days while using it to provide the service and improve how it works.

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For devices that come with Home preinstalled, Home can display system notifications, meaning that it will show notifications from apps on your phone. Since these notifications appear in Home, Facebook collects information about the notification (such as which app is generating them) but not the content of the notification itself.

All in all, it doesn't seem as if Home is any more invasive than the existing app, but you can tap the Via link to read the full post.
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endersothergame one year ago

I find myself thinking this is a bad idea. Simply said:Who watches the watcher sort of thoughts I mean its a good idea but in the end I fear its simply a good way for companies to harvest information they don't need for marketing reasons. Call me paranoid but in the end I guess I could simply not buy the device (likely the direction I will go regarding this phone).

Clixxer one year ago

Facebook is bent on world domination though information!!! Just kidding heh

As someone who tries to use facebook as little as possible but with alot of friends in different states it makes it earlier to communicate. Also while this sounds good in theory I would not be sold on the fact they wont sell your info for a buck down the road. 

ajm531 one year ago

yeah i dont really what they try to tell me i dont want facebook that integrated into my life

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