FTC Approves Intel's Acquisition of McAfee

Intel, the largest chip maker on this or any other known planet, cleared at least one major hurdle in its attempt to acquire security firm McAfee. That hurdle? The Federal Trade Commission, which has given the proposed $7.68 billion deal its stamp of approval.

"The Federal Trade Commission has concluded its review of the proposed McAfee transaction and has cleared it. We are continuing to work with the staff at the European Commission as they continue their review," Kevin Sellers, Intel VP of Investor Relations, said in a statement.

The FTC's approval comes just days after mutterings that European regulators might not be too keen on the deal because of antitrust concerns. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, European Union officials fear that combining the two companies would be unfairly detrimental to other security firms. As it stands, McAfee is the world's second largest security software vendor trailing only Symantec.

Some analysts say that the real fear has to do with the potential for Intel to embed security technology into its chips that will only work with McAfee products, essentially freezing out the competition.
Via:  eWeek
jonation 4 years ago

who still buys anti-virus software? especially mcaffee

3vi1 4 years ago

I'm just surprised they didn't buy Symantec, as Norton AV seems to be the single highest consumer of CPU cycles on the planet.

dodgers2213 4 years ago

HA, waste of money

jonation 4 years ago


SammyHayabuza 4 years ago

A Waste Of Money it is not. Hey guys, This is Intel !!

Think about it, McAfee is already included  in the form of "Included In Price", Trials and Yearly subscription options on two of the major PC vendors, Dell and Lenovo.  And believe it or not, people that buy those PCs actually choose to buy the security software from them instead of opting for something free because they trust the Brand( Dell , Lenovo, Ect) and it comes pre-loaded, avoiding the hassle of downloading or installing it themselves.  Not everybody is tech savvy, and every year, millions of new , first time pc owners are buying pre-built machines from the name brands they know and trust, so Its wise to know that they want that protection and who else to give it to em, but they.

I'm sure Intel will persuade and use their "Influence" and to get more PC vendors to have McAfee on their systems, no doubt about it. Also, Intel will offer them great incentives for sure.   Think of it also, like "Bloatware" , a lot of the crap that comes preloaded in your Laptop or Desktop, is paid by those software companies to be included, so people can try them out, its like "Advertising".  

Note: Something to think about ,Apple PC sales are rising, soon their OS will be heavily targeted by hackers , just as Windows, and I see Intel and McAfee leading the way for protection (Unless Apple buys or creates an Anti-virus software company of their own)

Well. that's how I understand it  or see it, please correct me or enlighten me if I'm wrong or I'm not making sense,I'm a half geek.


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