FCC Investigating Netflix-ISP Fight

In case you hadn’t noticed, ISPs and Netflix aren’t exactly friendly right now. In addition to bowing to Comcast and paying extra fees (that surely stuck in Netflix’s craw), the video streaming provider passive-aggressively accused Verizon of delivering substandard network performance, and Verizon countered by blasting Netflix for what amounts to lying (allegedly).

The situation is only going to get worse and uglier, and the FCC is stepping in to investigate what’s boiling under the surface.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler
FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

“Consumers must get what they pay for,” wrote FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler in a letter. As the consumer’s representative we need to know what is going on. I have therefore directed the Commission staff to obtain the information we need to understand precisely what is happening in order to understand whether consumers are being harmed.”

Wheeler explicitly stated that the FCC is not currently looking to regulate things, but you can bet that the agency will step in if it sees that one entity or the other is gouging consumers or engaging in unfair tactics.
Via:  CNET
TravisRepine 6 months ago

Well here goes prices going up and perhaps stricter allowance caps from ISPs as well...Great..

ShawnWilder 6 months ago

If we could throttle his internet for a while, I'm sure the chairman would probably have a change of heart....

RickFromTexas 6 months ago

Kudos to Netflix for displaying messages during network slowdowns that blame Verizon for throttling their network.

Before they could receive approval to buy NBC Universal, Comcast agreed to certain conditions but as soon as the deal closed, Comcast reneged on that agreement until they were caught red handed and fined.

It isn't Netflix who can't be trusted, it's ISPs like Verizon and Comcast who have a clear record of dishonesty, price gouging, and trying to force companies into a pay for play scheme.

In fact, my contract with Verizon is up next month and even though they won't be able to get me with an early termination fee, I do believe I'll vote with my wallet and switch to TMobile.

Super Dave 6 months ago

[quote user="News"]“Consumers must get what they pay for,” wrote FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler in a letter.[/quote]

I call BS - this is just a smokescreen to make it look like he is crusading for the consumer. Prior to his new gig at the FCC, Tom Wheeler worked as a lobbyist for the wireless and cable industry. He was President of the National Cable Television Association (NCTA) and CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA). When it comes to representing the consumer in this matter Tom Wheeler has no teeth and no balls.

acarzt 6 months ago

"...in order to understand whether consumers are being harmed.”

Of course we are... I'm paying Verizon for internet service, and Netflix for a streaming service... but the 2 are not playing nice together and my Netflix streaming performs like crap.

I don't really care who fixes it... but it needs to get fixed.

I'm with Super Dave on this one though... I don't think this guy has our best interests at heart.

SNeese 6 months ago

I hope they fry the ISP's. Something to break the logjam we have now...

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