Enermax Announces Galaxy Evo PSU Series

ENERMAX is proud to announce the availability of “GALAXY EVO”, as its newest PSU series.

City of Industry, April 17th 2009
-- GALAXY EVO is complementing the recently launched and all-records breaking REVOLUTION85+ series as an 82 PLUS certified version.

Especially for 115VAC countries, users will be delighted to have a 1250W model available empowering the utmost possible hardware configurations.

While the efficiency is 83-88% @ 115VAC & 85-89% @ 230VAC for all models at 20-100% load, GALAXY EVO sports all of the features and specifications like its sister series, REVOLUTION85+, which have set the standard of PSU design for the next-generation:

Mind-boggling & unmatched 12 + 24 (CPU/GPU + Drives) connector support gives the absolute maximum possible of connectivity & versatility*, while a 99% 12V output capability maximizes their power support. Besides complying already to the upcoming EPS12V PSU Design Guide, especially the ZERO LOAD Design maximizes compatibility with future new CPU’s or GPU’s or their new features like C6 state or Hybrid Modes.

Via:  Enermax
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3vi1 5 years ago

Well there you go, video card makers. Your new task: produce a video card that requires 13 external power connectors.

Riks 5 years ago

god damn it, ordered a Thermaltake W0171 2 days ago.

3vi1 5 years ago

Don't sweat it man - it's computer components.  There will be a newer, better, power supply released in 5... 4... 3......

tanka12345 5 years ago

Do you guys reckon this is better or worse than the Revolution series? From the article I can't really answer that question.

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