Electronic Arts Wants To Kill People Too

Video game behemoth Electronic Arts just got a little bigger. They've acquired two software studios, BioWare and Pandemic, for  an industry record breaking $860 million.  Although Electronic Arts is the number one video game publisher in the world, their offerings in the first person shooter/ role playing/action genre are a little  thin. These acquisitions should fix that.

Prior to this deal, EA's largest acquisition was its $680 million purchase of mobile game publisher Jamdat Mobile Inc. in 2006.

BioWare and Pandemic have a total of 10 games under development. Together, they employ about 800 people in Los Angeles and Austin, Texas, as well as in Canada and Australia.

Microsoft Corp. is planning to publish BioWare's Mass Effect game next month, and the studio is in the early stages of developing a multiplayer online game, EA said. Pandemic is planning to release "Mercenaries 2: World in Flames" and "Saboteur."

EA should consider buying the rights to Grand Theft Auto, melding it with their existing Madden Football franchise, and calling it: The Bengals.

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mazuki 7 years ago
dropping off the face of the earth and quit buying up all the quality publishers, they have destroyed more publishers than any other software firm, that includes microsoft, and what do they do when they buy these companies?

shout off their own ideas and effectively ruin what could have been a great game, cause only EA comes out with good games right?

back in the day when graphics were limited, publishers were forced to make fantastic gameplay, EA obviously doesn't care about this, they want it to look flashy, no matter what the cost.
Dave_HH 7 years ago
And the big get bigger. It's the way of the world. I'm sure BioWare and Pandemic were thrilled with their take on these transactions. What are you going to do? Business is business and these companies are run like any other.
jerkwheat 7 years ago


Dave_HH 7 years ago
the intent of this picture is what, Jwheat?
jerkwheat 7 years ago

Just a yoke about EA and sports games.  You want me to remove it? 

Dave_HH 7 years ago

ohh... nah, no problem :)

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