Egraphs Start-up Taking Sports Autographs High Tech

If you’re still buying paper books at the bookstore, you might have a hard time with this one: athlete autographs are going digital. That’s right, trying to catch your favorite player’s attention is no longer the only way to get him to sign memorabilia. Start-up is offering digital autographs from MLB players that pair audio with your signed image.

Egraphs Have Audio And An Image

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What with social networks, Egraphs make a lot of sense. Buy an Egraph for $25-$100, and you can share it on Facebook. The process is pretty simple, and it gives you a chance to share a little more with the player than you might if you leaned over a railing with a ball. You can send the player a note, and he’ll respond by recording a short audio message with an iPad. Then your Egraph is sent to you over the Internet. You can also get a print version if you prefer.

So far, the site has more than 100 MLB players who are available to do Egraphs.
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sevags 2 years ago

As a collector of all things... Comic books, sports cards, stamps, coins, action figures, antiques, etc i think this incredibly stupid. You can share it on FB? Why, you couldn't take a picture of your signed baseball and put the on FB? Let me guess the value of these autographs are not only never going to increase but aren't worth the price people pay for them right off the bat (pun intended).

Only upside to this is if you're a diehard fan you can pay to hear your favorite player whom you're obsessed over actually record an audio message for you.

Like I said, useless. There is no value in a digital signature.

robinsonking one year ago

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