EU Considering Three Strikes Downloading Law

France and the UK have already begun considering such "three strikes" downloading laws, but with France taking over the EU presidency on 7/1, there is talk - and a vote upcoming - on a E.U. version.

Now Sarkozy, who took over the European presidency this week, is trying to stretch the measure across Europe through amendments (pdf) to the Telecoms Package, a review of European telecoms law currently in the European Parliament.

Critics fear that through this legislation European ISPs could also be mandated to block legitimate traffic in an effort to 'prevent' illegitimate traffic slipping by. Some amendments will transform the ISPs from technical intermediaries into law enforcers.

Action groups, Open Rights Group and La Quadrature du Net (Squaring the Net) have been actively campaigning on the issue. They believe the amendments will "pave the way for the monitoring and filtering of the internet by private companies, exceptional courts and Orwellian technical measures".

The vote takes place 7/7; yes, that is today.  The groups above have asked people to let their MEPs know: this isn't the kind of legislation they want (assuming they agree with said groups, of course).
Via:  The Register
ice91785 6 years ago

So i am guessing that this will mean if you get caught torrenting or illegally DLing three times you are banned from said ISP?

It would put way to much strain on ISPs I think -- they would have far to much to monitor. They are service providers after all, not COPS!!


AjayD 6 years ago
It would appear the EU is taking a stance similar to the one Japan has recently taken. Making ISPs responsible for policing the internet is like making gas stations responsible for policing the streets. It is not their responsibility, nor should it be.
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