EA's Battlefield 4 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer Will Leave You Drooling

We love a good gameplay trailer around here, and the latest one from EA showing off Battlefield 4’s multiplayer play looks fantastic. We already saw a lengthy (17 minutes) demo earlier this year that gave us a look at the fluid and detailed visuals as well as the storyline with a mix of scripted scenes and actual gameplay, and this latest video just adds to the fun.

Judging from the clip, you’ll be able to fight with automatic weapons, perform hand-to-hand combat, and use a variety of land, sea, and air vehicles to take on your opponents.

You can go solo in multiplayer mode, or you run with up to a 5-man squad. There’s also a commander mode lets you take command of multiple squads and “deploy powerful war assets” (read: bombs, etc.), which is an interesting wrinkle.

Multiplayer mode will also include EA’s “levolution”, or destructive environments, so you can actually interact with everything you see--walls, buildings, water, and so on--to gain a competitive advantage.

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4

BF4 includes 10 maps and 7 game modes, and in multiplayer mode you can run custom missions and track stats and wins. The game will be available for PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4. The open beta starts on October 1st, with a full release on October 29th.
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semitope one year ago

is it typical for them to have voice-overs in these trailers or are they just copying GTAV? Should we expect this same thing from many games now? Could get annoying.

Dave_HH one year ago

Yeah, obviously they're putting the sales pitch on pretty heavy but I highly doubt anything like that will be in-game. Looks pretty amazing though!

RWilliams one year ago

I love the fact that the voice-overs tend to tell me a lot more about the game than I'd otherwise glean from the video, but I do wish they'd just convert it to text and put it at the bottom. But, others could disagree and just not want to read something while watching a video.

atticus14 one year ago

Here's a real trailer


I think people call it a trailer for lack of a better word and easier headline, it's really just gameplay with a voice over but since EA has a huge marketing budget they go the extra mile to make it look snazzy and hire voice talent rather then let a Dev talk. This has been going on for years but the production values have greatly increased so they are the same quality as nice trailers. Ubisoft does it a lot with their games recently, in particular with Watch Dogs.

If you need proof that predates GTA V, it's pretty easy to find


also as i said before it's not really a trailer either, this is a GTA trailer


this is a the gameplay video with voiceover, just like this BF4 video


Dave_HH one year ago

Good points Atticus. Agreed. We were in headline mode here. :) Game does look fantastic though!

detnight one year ago

I have all of the BF games and will have this one the day it comes out (in line at midnight)

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