Droid Charge Still Unavailable

At the end of last month, Verizon Wireless experienced an outage with its 4G LTE network that caused the wireless carrier to postpone the launch of the latest member of the Droid family, the Droid Charge by Samsung. The Droid Charge is slated to be the second LTE smartphone in the Verizon Wireless lineup.

Although Verizon Wireless fixed the issues with its LTE service, the Droid Charge is still unavailable. Currently, users can sign up to receive email updates about the availability and price of the Droid Charge. After signing up, Verizon Wireless says the phone is "coming soon." On May 3, Samsung Mobile posted a tweet saying the Droid Charge is "almost here."

It's likely that Verizon Wireless is working to ensure that it will be able to handle the increase in traffic before launching the Droid Charge. After all, it's better for the wireless carrier to delay the phone a little bit than to face the same situation AT&T has faced with the iPhone in not being able to provide enough bandwidth to users.

rapid1 3 years ago

I grabbed an LG GX2 from T-mobile the other day seems to have great reception and for $71 I have unlimited everything. The other cool thing with T-mobile is if I don't have gooed reception at home I can just run it over my wireless network. Of course they tell me they charge for minutes like I was actually doing the minutes over the wireless network. I have unlimited minutes though so who cares. I think I have used about 16mb of data as well but I have unlimited data to so um who cares.

I am just wondering if I got the right phone I have all together 14 days total to make my decision. The phone is actually quite awesome. The only thing is I have big hands so I think a 4.3-5 screen might work a bit better for me. There phone coming from HTC is awesome as well almost the same specs but a little bigger screen and slight higher rez as well.

Either way the two choices I did not want were Verizon or At&t because there prices are ridiculous compared. Not to mention it seems there having never ending troubles with the fastest wireless network that gives no signal at all in the US and charges you out the a77 for that no signal service as well.

GLaw 3 years ago

I am new here and I have a problem with my best buy in Erie,Pa. I was in last night and they are holding the Charges. They WANT to sell one to be,but are told not to!!! I was wondering how I get them to sell me one so I can activate it online? Any suggestions!?!?!? They are nice guys, but need proof I guess.

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HHGrrl 3 years ago

I've heard various reports claiming that stores have the Charges but aren't allowed to sell them. Someone tried telling me today that the launch would be tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. Tomorrow would be great, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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