Droid 2 Dropped, Didn't Explode: Motorola

Earlier this month, a man claimed he was injured by an exploding Motorola Droid 2. There's word from Motorola on their investigation into the matter, and their pretty clear: the Droid 2 was dropped.

Here's what GearLog (PCMag) said:
We got word this morning from a Motorola employee involved with Droid development that the phone may not have exploded at all. The Droid 2 in question "was a phone that got dropped," the employee told PCMag. "[T]he guy didn't notice the glass had cracked [...]so when he put it to his ear, he cut himself."
That makes sense, and explains Aron Embry's injury. It doesn't explain the popping noise he said he heard, but it's unclear that the popping sound actually occurred.

The source at Motorola added:
The only things that could explode in a phone would have resulted in a phone that did not work, yet this phone worked. And there was no explosive damage to the device (things inside blown outward, etc).
Despite this report, Motorola has not made a public statement in the matter.
Via:  Gearlog
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lipe123 4 years ago

Maybe he heard one of those pimples pop.. seriously what a stupid scam artist.

The only thing really dangerous in phones are the batteries and in the very unlikely event that explodes its on the opposite side of your face!

countcristo 4 years ago

Everyone is looking for a way to make a quick buck. Again, this world we live in blows when it's so money-centric. This is depressing.

LLeCompte 4 years ago

well android is exploding all over the place. That could be why. :)

acarzt 4 years ago

I feel much safer with my WP7 Phone. Thanks Microsoft for keeping me safe! lol

dodgers2213 4 years ago

I hope motorola goes after this guy for this S***. That lie can be really damaging to their brands image

Inspector 4 years ago

LOL, well that's a interesting case to follow. i think im a cut my self and blame it on my phone as well :P



3vi1 4 years ago

I called it! (pun intended: http://hothardware.com/cs/forums/p/52588/381265.aspx#381265)

sKrappy 4 years ago

hopefully the android 3 will have a grenade app so my phone will double as a flash bangBig Smile

acarzt 3 years ago

"Droid 2 Dropped, Didn't Explode"

This title is very misleading lol

It sounds like it if you drop a Droid 2 it will exploded always..... and the fact that it was dropped and didn't explode is big news.

"Someone dropped a Droid 2 today... and it didn't explode! How is that possible? More on that after the break."

ed007 3 years ago

pretty sweet story to tell about ur injury- if ONLY he had used what was left of his brains to concoct something better...

countcristo 3 years ago

LOL, yeah that's part of the reason why I clicked on this story.

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