Do you need a Tech Makeover? Intel can help...

Just a reminder everyone--tomorrow October 6, 2008 is the last day for entries into the Tech Makeover giveaway! Contest details are below!

Is there someone in your life insisting that technology, like a fine wine, only improves with age? Are you carrying a cell phone the size of a brick or trying to surf the net on a computer that fills an entire room? Do your mom or dad print your e-mails and reply by phone? Is your best friend the only person you know who still listens to cassettes on a boom box or watches movies on Betamax?

Do you need a tech makeover? Does someone you know need one?

Intel invites you to submit your story or nominate someone you love for a chance to
win a $5,000 tech makeover with setup and training from the crew here at HotHardware!

To enter, register and upload photos or video of the tech travesty in your life. Tell us:
  • What do you (or the nominee) want to be able to do with technology that you can’t do now?
  • Where do you want to be able to use your computer, and why?
  • Why do you want to take your personal technology to the next level?

** HINT - If possible, post pictures/video (evidence) of your technological misery and dishevelment! **

Entries will be voted on by the community (including you!), and considered by our “ceWebrity” judges:


Entries must be submitted by October 6, 2008 and the winners will be announced sometime in early October. 

Then, if you're a lucky winner, HotHardware will be coming to your place for a serious technology infusion and we'll shoot video of the whole process!  Your personal makeover will be featured in our
Video Spotlight section at as well!

It’s time to come in to the twenty-first century, and Intel and the rest of the crew involved want to help make it happen. Tell us your story today!
amdcrankitup 6 years ago

Thats a good thing ya,ll are doing there.Davo,Marco all of you at HH and Intel you,ll make some deserving person real happy!

3vi1 6 years ago

Agreed! Wish I knew someone to enter, but everytime I find someone like that I hook them up with my hand-me-downs.

Savage Animal 6 years ago

Bump, My sister could really use your votes if you haven't voted already. Her story and link to vote can be found here.

warlord 6 years ago

This is a great chance to make a big change in someones life. Good to see HotHardware making things like this happen.

Fold On!!!

Savage Animal 6 years ago

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to vote for my sister Christine, or Getinthruit. She really deserves the makeover and I hope she wins. I would also like to thank Dave and Marco again for the chance to have her win this makeover. Even if she does not win, the showing of support she received from complete srtrangers really cheered her up. Thanks again everyone.


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