Disney Plans A New Star Wars Movie Every Year, Starting in 2015

Disney may be putting the infamous axe to LucasArts video games, but that doesn't mean the company doesn't have big plans for another segment of the mythical universe. A new report suggests that Disney is going to produce a new Star Wars movie each year starting in 2015... until the world tires of them, and thus, this plan fails to make money. It's the very definition of "milking a franchise for all that it's worth," and there will certainly be those who oppose and those who support such a plan.

At least for now, these new films will largely be spin-offs -- alternatives to the "core" movies that have come before. But one has to wonder how many ways you can spin Star Wars before fans become exhausted with it all. After all, having to fork out for a new film each year when you know the folks behind it are just doing it for revenue is apt to cause burn-out far faster than it would otherwise.

Of course, we've seen Hulk revisited quite frequently as well as Spider-Man, but Star Wars has been held to a higher standard. We certainly hope this new plan doesn't cheaper the entire franchise.
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YoanLessard one year ago

it will be ruined!

rapid1 one year ago

exactly what I was thinking Yoan

rapid1 one year ago

The real shame is the fact that they have the resources to strengthen it but they will probably just go after the dollar.

Johnny3D one year ago

They closed the door on every edgy bit of Star Wars they could. They even canceled the Clone Wars, which was one of the best things coming out of the Star Wars franchise in a long time.

People gave Lucas a lot of flack about Star Wars (about everything), I think they're going to be even more disappointed with the handling of Star Wars from the Disney folks.

Sevags one year ago

Well those examples only further prove Star Wars will fail after a few years. Spider-Man got worse with each sequel and the newest remake was horrible and didn't come close to the box office numbers of the previous 3. As for bulk I don't budge either movie did well with the cgi characters best roll being the comedy relief in the Avengers.

Star Wars has been on a slow yet steady decline ever since George Lucas took it over with the return of the Jedi . His actions don't surprise me and neither does Disney's.

realneil one year ago

George made his money from it. Now Disney plans to do the same thing. I'm not going to go and see the new movies unless the reviews are stellar.

scolaner one year ago

I facepalmed so hard that I gave myself a concussion.

Clixxer one year ago

Considering what Disney has done recently you would think it would be different. I understand the money aspect of it but this isn't like the avengers where you can focus on one character at a time and get a movie out every year. The last three star wars almost killed the franchise and I can only imagine this will be the final blow. No wonder none of the stars of the original have come out saying I want to be in these.

Sevags one year ago

Clixxer; actually..... http://m.rollingstone.com/?redirurl=/movies/news/original-star-wars-cast-signed-on-for-new-films-before-disney-sale-20130308&seenSplash=1

And there are other sites still sticking with the rumor that the big names will be returning to their former roles in the upcoming Disney versions. However that is not some sort of great endorsement sounds more like a Disney Star Wars made for the retired elderly. The Star Wars franchise started dying when Lucas took it over in return of the Jedi, led it down a bad path when he made the Ewoks tv specials, he further killed it when he wrote episodes 1-3, butchered it when he altered the DVD box sets, made it a laughing stock with all the Disney cartoons, and the Disney sale is the final nail in the coffin. After all this nevativity hat Star Wars needed was to be out of Lucas's hands with someone who would take the story to the next step not gear it towards kids and have old as fart actors reprise roles they no longer have any business in. We need Star Wars to head into a new direction, not leach off of the remains of the originals. True Star Wars fans do not want the original actors staring in the new movies.

Clixxer one year ago

Well I knew a couple has signed on but i'm sure its more for a check than wanting to. You are certainly right in that Star Wars needs a new direction and while I love the characters from the original its time to take it in a different direction.

thunderdan602 one year ago

May the force be with Disney on this. Lord knows they are going to need it.

DavidCourter one year ago

as long as they are willing to fund the movie, I think it has potential.

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