Did Steve Jobs Unleash His Inner Ninja?

Considering the original source is a tabloid, albeit, a Japanese one, we have our doubts on this story. Still, Bloomberg has reported that Steve Jobs was stopped when exiting Japan in July because he had ninja throwing stars (shuriken) in his carry-on baggage.

The report came in SPA! magazine, Bloomberg reported. According to the story, Jobs vowed to never return to Japan. A reminder should be issued that Jobs doesn't fly coach; this was his own private plane, too.

That fact was supposedly noted by Steve Jobs as well. Reportedly, Jobs told authorities that wouldn’t make sense for a person to try to hijack his own plane (which is the only part of this report that really makes sense).

Apparently, though, Kansai airport, where Jobs was flying out of after a family vacation, doesn't have different rules for private planes. The airport confirmed an incident, but not the incident, not noting the passenger name.
Takeshi Uno, a spokesman at Kansai airport, said a passenger using a private jet was stopped at the end of July for carrying shuriken, the Japanese word for Ninja throwing stars. The passenger, whom Uno declined to identify because of the airport’s privacy policy, threw away the blades, he said. The airport doesn’t have separate boarding arrangements for private-jet users, Uno said.
Seriously, Steve, a ninja wouldn't have been caught this way. Your sensei needs to help you to brush up on your skills.
Via:  Bloomberg
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Super Dave 4 years ago

Doesn't Steve Jobs have diplomatic immunity?

animatortom 4 years ago

He probably could have had them manufatured at his China plant for much cheaper!

Plus one of his employees could have thrown himself of a building and land on one, to make him feel like a real Ninja! Hyaaaa:P

Maybe thats why he always wears Black turtlenecks! He probably goes home at night, puts on the headgear/claws and dreams of infiltrating Gates house in the dark of night.

inspector 4 years ago

Yep, hes a ninja. He just loves the color black so much :). I still find it funny why they would stop him from boarding his own private jet with them. Like he said, will he hijack his own plane? if he wanted to he could just take control with out a weapon.

Super Dave 4 years ago

[quote user="Inspector"] if he wanted to he could just take control with out a weapon.[/quote]

But of course! He would need only to announce "I'm Steve Jobs and I'm takin' over this airplane" and the uninformed-consumer passengers would gladly surrender control (probably whilst asking for his autograph). But could you imagine ol' Stevo trying to hijack a plane load of HotHardware members? Haha...he'd be in for a big surprise as our crack Ninja geeks took turns breaking his scrawny little body with our superior hardware knowledge! 

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