Dell's Inspiron 910 to Launch Friday?

Dell's answer to the Asus Eee PC, the Inspiron 910, now has a date, according to reports. While there is still no confirmation as the price, which has been widely rumored as $299, it appears the netbook will be showing up "any time soon."

According to Gizmodo, that day will be Friday, Sept. 5th. It should be noted this isn't the first date the 910 has "received;" an earlier rumor said the UMPC would show up on Aug. 22nd.

Still with some of the support documentation showing up online, it's gotta be soon (keyboard, external optical drive, status LEDs).
Via:  Gizmodo
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3vi1 6 years ago
I wonder if they are going to release the Windows and Linux versions simultaneously? If so, are they going to cost the same? :\ If not, which is the $299 model?

It looks like a dandy little system, except for the "8MB Video Memory (shared)" in the leaked specs. I realize it has to be a budget system, but... sheez... Still, it might be nice just for note-taking and e-mail, for some people.
amdcrankitup 6 years ago
My daughter has been wanting or lets say hinting for Dear ole Dad to get her a notebook for Christmas might be a more acheiveable goal for me at $299.00. Its funny she would spot that 8mb video!I can hear her right now Hey whats up with this 8mb how about 512!
3vi1 6 years ago
What I'm really wondering is, if the chipset uses shared memory, why shouldn't it be adjustable to amounts beyond 8MB? Is it an artificial limitation, or is the chipset that bad?
warlord 6 years ago

I'm gonna bet its just that bad. Lets keep in mind the price point however

warlord 6 years ago
I know a lot of people who can make use of these.
shanewu 6 years ago

The Dell, HP and Lenovo netbooks really have me interested. I hope Dell has some good options with the 910.

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