Dell XPS 14 Notebook Review

Break out your party hats and spike the punch, we're throwing a 'Welcome Back' party. The guest of honor is Dell's XPS brand, whose return is marked by a new family of laptops built around Intel's Calpella platform and featuring Nvidia's Optimus technology. At this point you're probably scratching your head and wondering if we've been drinking too much punch ourselves, because the XPS brand never went anywhere, right? That's both true and false. The XPS moniker never died off completely, but it was relegated to Dell's Studio line and XPS One all-in-one (AIO) desktops for a time.

Dell tells us they've listened to their customers and decided to simplify their brand structure. After deciding that the "XPS brand has a great heritage and strong association with performance," those three letters are making a comeback starting with the above mentioned laptop line. The model we're reviewing today is the Dell XPS 14 (L401x)...

Dell XPS 14 Notebook Review

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JArnott 4 years ago

Great review. I ordered mine the other day (i7 740QM) so i'm looking forward to it. One thing you didn't mention - the speakers. What are they like?

rapid1 4 years ago

I would love to hear how that XPS 17 I assume with an I7 and some USB 3 goodness works for sure. As for this unit being the relative comparably size (or slightly larger I guess) as a netbook it seems dead on the money to me.

Paul_Lilly 4 years ago

Above average for a notebook. They're capable of getting comparatively loud, and while the bass isn't anything to brag about, the EQ settings are surprisingly effective.

JMonrol 3 years ago

The xps core I5 is ok on the overall, sound good, rather when on 3d game, Only dislike is the flimsy key board, really bad quality...

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