Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Smartphone Tested, Burned-In

At a glance, the Venue Pro looks just like the Venue. And specifications-wise, they're largely the same as well. The Venue Pro has the same 4.1" AMOLED display (800 x 480 resolution), 1GHz QSD8250 Snapdragon processor, 8GB of internal storage, 512MB of RAM, 1GB of ROM and no extra microSD card slot -- an unfortunate staple of numerous WP7 devices.

However, the Venue Pro is 2mm thicker than the Venue, thanks to its slide-out QWERTY keyboard. There's a virtual keyboard for those who'd rather not use the physical buttons, but having a keyboard could be a major selling point for those who may be interested in trying WP7 but are coming from a BlackBerry world.

Also of interest is the fact that the Venue Pro has already received the first major WP7 update, known as "NoDo." This update adds enhanced Facebook integration, copy-and-paste and a slew of performance enhancements to make the system smoother overall.

Is Windows Phone 7 a mobile OS that's capable of really giving iOS and Android (and webOS 3.0, soon) a run for their money? Find out in the pages to come.
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coolice 3 years ago

Oh, i didnt know this phone had an amoled display. I thought Samsung was holding on to that till 2013 or 2014 due to short supply.

I actually really like the device from the looks of it. Was hoping it was going to get released up north as my contract just ended a week ago and was up for renewal. I settled for the Desire HD and i find the phone to be a little too big.

Did you guys encounter any Wi-fi issues? When the phone was first released, there were tons of complaints about wifi dropping/not picking up etc.

coolice 3 years ago

Good review, i really did enjoy reading this. But I'm probably a little bias because i'm still interested in buying this device.

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