Dell Trying Hand At Xbox Consoles After Microsoft Patent Deal? (Update: Nope.)

Buried under the typical eye-glazing congratulatory corporate-speak that is a mutual press release announcing cooperation between two companies is a curious nugget of information: Dell might start making Xbox consoles.

Taking a step back here, the announcement pertains to Microsoft and Dell signing a patent licensing agreement wherein they’ll license each other’s intellectual property as it pertains to Android and Chrome OS devices as well as Xbox consoles. “Under the terms of the agreement, they agreed on royalties for Dell’s products running the Android or Chrome platforms and on consideration to Dell for a license for Xbox gaming consoles,” reads the announcement.

Xbox One console

(Stepping even further back: Yes, Microsoft owns a bunch of Android and, apparently, Chrome OS patents.)

Dell is currently making Android devices (the Venue series) as well as Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, so on that front the announcement isn’t terribly interesting. But what might happen with Xbox consoles?

Simply, it could be that Dell could take over the making of Xbox One consoles or that Dell will be bringing some Xbox features to its mobile devices, but there’s nothing else to go on here, so speculation is wide open. Perhaps Dell is developing the next generation of Xbox console, or implementing Kinect technology into its products, or even building a mobile gaming device powered by Xbox.

Dell Chromebook 11
Adorable children using Dell Chomebook 11s

Microsoft and Apple have taken different approaches to patent licensing/infringement. Apple keeps trying to sue its competitors into oblivion while Microsoft just convinces everyone to pay licensing fees, thereby making a killing without ever having to set foot in court. Microsoft’s approach has wrought some key lucrative partnerships with the likes of Dell (as well as many others) while at the same time fostering innovation across the industry by keeping the courts out of it.

Update 3/27: Microsoft reached out to us to explain more about this Dell/Microsoft licensing agreement. Dell won't be building any Xbox consoles soon, according to our source who is familiar with the deal. Basically, Dell is getting access to patents that Microsoft holds for Android and Chrome OS, while Microsoft actually now is able to freely use some patents that Dell holds related to the Xbox. Thus, it's nothing so exciting. So it goes in the wild world of patents and IP. 
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BenFraley 8 months ago

It is always nice to see companies cooperating to bring better products to the market.

JaySleven 8 months ago

I wonder what sort of feature Dell could take from the Xbox and incorporate it into their devices. Anyways. Good for Microsoft. Much smarter business style than Apple

sevags 8 months ago

Sounds like an interesting deal. There are definitely many possibilities here and I for one can't wait to figure out which route Dell takes with those xbox patents.

JefferyPruett 8 months ago

This seems like good news but I would not give a thumbs up as its to soon...interesting to say what Dell does with this device intrigues me

MitchellPlah 8 months ago

Very interesting. I'm intrigued what features these companies take from one another

Joseph Pianta 8 months ago

An Xbox made by dell, they would use hot glue instead of the 4 screws to save pennies and the thing would fall apart from the generated heat from playing a marathon game of Titan Fall.

JustinFern 8 months ago

Wow Xbox One made by Dell, now i understand why people switched to Playstation

StaticFX 8 months ago

The day the Dell starts making xbox's, is the day I switch to Playstation. I mean.. Dell Pc's are fine.. they last.. they arent too expensive etc... but thats where they should stay. I dont wat to see xbox be the next Alienware

RMedley 8 months ago

I bet it is an interconnect feature such as Xbox subscription services or something with internal devices or software licensing remotely internal build/licensing/ access etc. because the hardware itself is not all that different from a singular small all inclusive desktop or a standard laptop the packaging is just different so it has to be some internal software whether it be motion control tracking licensing authorization etc as I stated before.

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