Dell Teases 10", Business-Oriented Windows 7 Tablet

Dell released more business-oriented desktops and laptops today than the average middle manager would care to count, but there was one small interesting nugget tucked into the press release that average consumers might enough: something about a tablet. Yeah, another tablet! This is the exact quote:

"Additionally, Dell plans to extend its existing tablet portfolio with a 10-inch, Windows 7-based business- ready tablet later this year. The upcoming tablet is designed for end-users who need greater mobility, as well as IT organizations that demand control, security, manageability and integration with existing infrastructure investments. Dell’s tablet will empower a more mobile workforce in a way that offers customers the business applications and corporate data they need, while meeting regulatory mandates and IT requirements."
This sounds a lot like the HP Slate that has still not shipped in any large quantity, so far as we can tell. It's clear that tablets have a place in the enterprise, with Apple claiming that many larger companies have incorporated the iPad into their work flow in one way or another. Now, it's Dell's chance to join that market, and possibly offer a tablet other than the Streak 7 to the consumer market as well. There aren't any details as far as pricing, release or specifications (we checked with Dell, we swear!), but the images definitely give us a lot to think about.

We haven't been too fond of Windows 7-based tablets, but in the enterprise, it's assumed that a full copy of Win7 will be needed to accomplish certain tasks. Hopefully it'll be quicker than the Inspiron Duo we recently reviewed. 
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3vi1 3 years ago

Businesses should just buy Meego/Android/iPads and use them as thin clients. Using Citrix, RDC, or VNC to connect to a virtualized workstation running Windows would give you way more compatibility and power at a way better price and make upgrades a breeze (no pushes to the clients).

coolice 3 years ago

yea... but a think client connected to the web wirelessly, for more than 10 hours a day?. each averaging at 500$ / device...

The average battery life on the consumer level... i'm talking about how many charges it lasts before u need to replace the battery is about a 1000 charges before the battery starts depleting. Using these tablets in a work environment, i can guarantee you that these things will last less than a year before batteries need replacement... the devices will be more worn off than a standard computer (touch screen interface, being dropped etc). not to mention, they're easier to steal! because they're portable, small, light and easy to carry.

Hell, the ios/android is easier to hack than a regular pc os (windows, linux etc).

If your going to say that they can use a dock and leave it plugged in 24/7.... for $500, they can get workstations far MORE powerful than these devices... especially with AMD coming out with their new green chipsets.. sorry 3vi1, i have to disagree.

I can see the ipads being using in restaurants and stuff, where you can order food, be interactive... saving you the miscommunication between the waiter/ress, but no way i can see them being used as thin clients.

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