Dell Debuts Inspiron Mini 1018 Low-End Netbook With Atom N455

Another day, another netbook. This time, it's a new one from Dell, and it's another in the Inspiron Mini 10 lineup. Dell's Mini 10 range has been around for nearly as long as 10" netbooks have been around, and the new Mini 1018 borrows styling cues from the curvy Inspiron R notebook line and includes mostly just the basics at a lower price point. You won't find a Broadcom media accelerator or an SSD here, but you also won't find a $500+ price tag.

The Mini 1018 is a lower-end netbook meant for those who just need to handle the basics, offering a single-core Atom N455 processor, DDR3 memory, a 250GB hard drive, Wireless N Wi-Fi, a black coating and a 10.1" display with a 1024x600 resolution. Bells and whistles aren't included for the most part, but the £279 price point is obviously about as low as it gets for brand new netbooks.

Dell is currently shipping this machine in the UK and Italy, but the notebook should find its way into other markets shortly.
Via:  Dell
animatortom 4 years ago

Way To £ the point in, that netbooks are history:P

My GF is looking for one of these and she saw one the other day for 250, and thought that was still to much! They really need to up the features on these things, or they will suffer the wrath of all the Pads coming out by Christmas.

By now these things shold be feature packed with things like clearwire 4G dongles (IE), SSD's HDMI-out, and all the other perks which you once had to buy!

I think, using the term "Lacking" for anything more than describing the price, just shows that these are going by the wayside for a whole slew of tablets:)

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