Dell Confirms Plans to Launch 10-Inch Tablet Next Year

The dudes at Dell are 100 percent throwing their hat into the tablet ring, which figures to get awfully crowded in a battle royal sort of way within the next 3 to 6 months. Apple's already there, with other players to include Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, HP, and, well, just about every company you can think of. And unlike Samsung with it's Galaxy Tab, Dell is shooting for the 10-inch screen market, at least initially.

"You'll see for sure a 10-inch [tablet] from us next year," said Steve Felice, president of the Global Consumer, Small and Business division "You're going to see a pretty fast development cycle from Dell and you'll see more products from us next year."

Dell already has one foot in the door with its Streak, a 5-inch device that's more of an oversized smartphone than an undersized tablet. As for the upcoming 10-inch slate, it will most likely run Android rather than Windows.

"There is a tremendous amount of pent-up demand for a Windows [tablet] so you can run productivity applications. Unfortunately, it won't happen until the Windows 8 time frame," said Ed Boyd, vice president of the Experience Design Group at Dell.
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rapid1 4 years ago

I am glad to see a nice 10" Tab as I see this is the right size for it really. I can grab a 4.3" smart phone with the same processor and memory so why grab a 7" tablet it is less than 3" larger. However; anything larger than a smart phone and I can't carry it in my pocket and the Droid X is pushing that.

I also am really looking forward to watching Verizon drop the current smart phone prices, and intro the $15 data packages. Either way I just don't understand why I would want anything less than 8" in a tablet formation, and would rather either way to have more room for reading, net browsing, item writing/updating on said device type.

So props to Dell if the price is not to crazy I may have to grab a few of these. I am sorry but I refuse to own anything made by Apple. The OS, and yes even in the new version just irks me to no end. I hear people complaining about Windows versus Linux, but never hear anyone complaining about OSX which basically a seriously over priced version of Linux, but also what Apple bases there business model on.

Either way back to the main subject props to DELL. I look forward to both seeing if these will be applicable for Me, Sarah, my daughters and extended families needs. I also hope DELL brings a bit more recognition to this 10" size as being more along the lines of what a tablet should be.

3vi1 4 years ago

>> "There is a tremendous amount of pent-up demand for a Windows [tablet] so you can run productivity applications." - Ed Boyd

Dear Ed: OpenOffice, LibreOffice, KOffice, Abiword, etc.


I agree. This is worth a look. The only thing that would turn me off to it (and I suspect it's true) would be if it's locked down to Android. If I can't install my own ARM apps, it's a no-go....

Now I have to wonder if that's not why there's a lot of demand for a Win tablet? Companies might have in-house apps and VBscript knowledge, with no awareness at all of gcc, mono, Python, bash, lua, etc.

rapid1 4 years ago

Definitely 3vi1 I am sure while many companies are aware of server end things using a version of Linux which is only used or at least mainly by network/system admins Cisco/Juniper etc wizards. However; they have no idea of anything about Linux on the common market. The one thing I will say definitely is Android, and locked down as every version I have ever heard of has generally been cracked in a week from minor availability, seems non-existent.

rapid1 4 years ago

Oh and to add I like this one better than what I am seeing from the HP version of a slate device. I think as long as whatever version of Linux there using has a wide availability of protocols in every way whether user installed or automatically available it would be prime for a slate/tablet device at least in some of it's more efficient versions.

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