Dell Brings Touch to Windows 8 Desktops with S2340T Monitor

Anyone who has tried pre-release versions of Window 8 can tell you that navigating the OS with your mouse is completely doable – but you’re going to find yourself wanting to touch those Live Tiles. To that end, Dell took the veil off a new multi-touch monitor aimed squarely at users who are upgrading their desktops to Windows 8 and want the touch experience.

Dell S2340T Multi-Touch Monitor

The Dell S2340T is a 23-inch IPS display at full HD 1920X1080 resolution. It has an LED backlight and offers viewing angles of 178 degrees. The monitor has a high contrast ratio of 1000:1, as well as a mega-dynamic 8 million: 1 contrast ratio.

Dell S2340T Monitor Tilted Flat For Window 8 Touch Use

One of the more noteworthy features is the articulating stand, which lets you tilt the screen back and even tilt it flat so you can better reach the screen. And the monitor has several ports so you can connect it to your desktop or notebook with a USB cable and immediately have several peripherals also connected. Ports include DisplayPort, HDMI, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, and headphone/mic. The S2340T itself has an integrated camera, as well as a microphone and speakers.

Other features include Image Enhance, which sharpens images and Dell Display Manager, which has customizable color presets and a PowerNap energy conservation tool. The Dell S2340T multi-touch monitor is already available for $699.99.
Via:  Dell
sevags 2 years ago

Ouch pricey....

When I started reading the article I started getting excited about this I would use this to surf the net and a few other tasks even without windows8, but my mom would love this for what tasks she does and the games she plays.

Remove the webcam, remove the speakers, give me higher resolutions than 1920x1080 on a 23" for Pete's sake, and I'll pony up $400-500 for this. As it stands it functions too much like an AIO PC while being only a monitor and coming in at a price point not too far below low end AIO's.

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