Dell Announces XPS 730x Gaming System

Here at Hot Hardware, we are big fans of the XPS 700 series of gaming desktops. Over the last two years, they have consistently earned our coveted Editor's Choice award time and again. We thought the last incarnation of the 700-series, the XPS 730 H2C, was the best yet in the series.

It seems Dell isn't quite done with the XPS 730. Today Dell is announcing a new update to the line-up in the form of the XPS 730x.

The extra letter in the model number means an entirely updated platform from Core 2 to the new Core i7 series as well as updated video card options and some new additions to the chassis. The XPS 730x will be available with all three currently available Core i7 models, complete with a decked out Intel X58 Express chipset, tri-channel DDR3 and your choice of either Crossfire or SLI with the latest graphics chip.

Dell XPS 730x Silver Chassis With X-panel Window

While the XPS 730x shares the same chassis as the original XPS 730, a few extra features have been added. The chassis receives an update to its thermal monitoring system. You can view all of the vital system stats in one place from the XPS Thermal Monitor utility or drag and drop individual fan monitor widgets anywhere on your desktop. While the application runs in the background, it doesn't hog any resources as the operations are handled by a dedicated chip. These widgets let you keep track of the current RPM and power level of each fan in the system and you can even create custom power curves for the fans that respond to temperature, allowing the system to be optimized for optimal cooling for whisper quiet operation.

XPS Thermal Monitor Screenshot - Click for high res view

The XPS' lighting system also recives an update, this time with some borrowed technology from Alienware. The XPS 730x supports the AlienFX utility which lets you control and finely tune the XPS' multi-zone, multi-color LED lighting system or disable it altogether for that 'stealth' look. Each zone can be assigned a specific color and event-driven lighting is also supported allowing you to set zone lighting to change automatically when programs are launched or mail is received.

Dell XPS 730x LED Lighting Effects

The XPS 730x chassis also receives new "Theater Lighting" which is a set of 4 white LEDs placed strategically within the case to illuminate the interior to help you see what you're doing while you muck around under the hood. The LEDs are powered by a seperate power supply consisting of two AA batteries and they are automatically activated when the side panel is removed.

Dell XPS 730x Theater Lighting In Action - Click for high res view

There are also new hardware options available to help flesh out your experience and stretch your credit line to its limits. Like previous XPS models, the XPS 730x is available with factory overclocked processors that recieve full warranty coverage, a perfect compliment for the H2C liquid cooling option. You can also tack on such high-end options as a Blu-ray Disc drive, RAIDed Wester Digital Velociraptor hard drives, various solid state drive configurations, tri-channel Corsair XMP DDR3 memory and even a KillerNIC gaming network adapter. Of course, going the whole nine yards with a system like this will likely cost you a pretty penny, your arms, legs and at least one of your kidneys. Such is the price we pay for shiny hardware and killer gaming performance. But hey... it plays Crysis!

Click for high res view

The XPS 730x is set to make you drool and your wallet scream for mercy starting today. The XPS 730x has a launch-day base price of $1999 for a system powered by the Core i7 920 processor. After ticking more than a few option boxes, you can launch the price into the stratosphere with the top-end Crysis-dominating Core i7 965 factory overclocked with H2C liquid cooling.

The XPS 730x is shaping up to be another great gaming rig from Dell. Be sure to stay tuned for a full in-depth review in the coming weeks.
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shanewu 6 years ago

Looks pretty nice...I'm looking forward to the review!

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

looks like one hell of a rig there.

recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

On loox alone, it could win awards... bet it's a beast.

kid007 6 years ago

i should it have waited oh well i'll get that one next year :p

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

[quote user="kid007"]

i should it have waited oh well i'll get that one next year :p


Your's is quite nice!


nelsoncp21 6 years ago

 nice job by Dell staying right out there witht he leading edge. 1 of the features I thought was pretty neat was the work lights for inside the case when the panel is removed. There's just something that makes you grin when you discover little extra's like that when toying around with some new gear.

NewUser 6 years ago

I don't believe this crap.

Angry  I JUST BOUGHT an XPS 730 about 45 DAYS AGO and was ASSURED by DELL customer service that NO NEW MODEL of the XPS730 would be out  within a few months.


The SAME DAY I opened my XPS730 I got 3 BLUE SCREENS. I called Dell in whatever foreign conuntry my call got routed to (so much for the 4 year "premium support", I paid for), and I was told that the blue screens were probably because it was a new system (isn't that a joke?) and that I need to download 'updates" to Vista and not to worry. I downloaded the updates and since then, October, I have gotten about 25 more blue screens (I kid you not).

After about 30 phone calls, Dell in the USA (finally) sent me two new hard drives and I swapped them a few days ago. Then about an HOUR after that, I got ANOTHER BLUE SCREEN! 

I have had this reg XPS730 for a month and a half, and I have not gotten any work done as I am too scared to put anything on it. I then see this new XPS730x and I am LIVID. All I can say is Dell BETTER build me a XPS730x and swap it out for this piece of junk.


The fact I was:

1.)Lied to about "nothing coming out in at in the next 6mo, Heck it is not even a month and a half!

2.)Had about 25 blue screens since opening up the XPS730, and about 30 phone calls with Dell ( I have the logs to prove it).

3.)Had to REPLACE BOTH hard drives only a FEW DAYS ago, only to get ANOTHER  BLUE SCREEN (DELL has ALL of the logs and dell connects with me to  prove that also). 

The above 3 reasons back me up that Dell should do the right thing and send me a XPS730x and take this XPS730 BACK.

Dells own employees in the U.S. agreed, but they did not have the "Authority" to do it, so I was to call the XPS customer service number tomorrow.

I am so angry, that I was mislead like that.


I want to send my unit back and get this XPS730x, but I know they will say you are JUST outside of the 30 return.


I will see what Dell does in this instance and let everyone here know. I have literally spent 80% of my time on the phone with Dell the past month and a half, starting from the first day I received my XPS730 and I know that this XPS730x was "tweaked" to fix the problems with the XPS730. At least in the case of all the isssues I had with and am having with it.


If Dell does not do the right thing (which I hope they do), I will be all over the net (legally, with facts only, of course) letting everyone know what happened. I truely hope Dell does the right thing, so I am willing to give them a chance.


***UPDATE: So far, it looks like Dell is going to do the right thing in my instance. We will see.


 I will keep everyone updated. ;) 

recoveringknowitall 6 years ago

That blows. If you haven't already, you should give them a call & see what can be done. Just remember to stay calm when talking to the support person and be very clear about the details of what you were told. Even if they won't let you swap, maybe they'll meet you half way and offer you some kind of upgrade.

Good luck and welcome to HH!

amdcrankitup 6 years ago

 Thats another sweet looking Case and the specs: are great to lookin forward to a review!!

kid007 6 years ago

[quote user="bob_on_the_cob"]

[quote user="kid007"]

i should it have waited oh well i'll get that one next year :p


Your's is quite nice!



 thanks bro :p wait until i tweak the few things that are wrong (evil laugh) :p

Savage Animal 6 years ago

That does look quite nice, I still prefer to build myself then buy prebuilt though.

tanka12345 6 years ago

A very nice PC! I wonder if they have a competition to win one.

DELLChrisM 6 years ago


Check your email for a message from me. You can also contact me out here on the Desktop- General Hardware board.

bob_on_the_cob 6 years ago

[quote user="DELLChrisM"]


Check your email for a message from me. You can also contact me out here on the Desktop- General Hardware board.


Dell rep! awesome. I hope you help him out.Yes


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