DVD Jon Wants to Stick It to "FairPlay"

'DVD Jon.' of DVD and FairPlay cracking fame, has gone legit.

Beginning Tuesday, the first product from his company, DoubleTwist Ventures, will enter open beta. Called DoubleTwist, it's a free desktop client that essentially allows any kind of music, photo, or video file to be shared between a long list of portable media players, and through Web-based social networks.

Instead of iTunes songs or videos taken with a Nokia N95 remaining locked on the phone, DoubleTwist software allows for dragging, dropping, and syncing of different media formats no matter the device.

The idea, according to DoubleTwist founder and CEO Monique Farantzos, is that media files should be more like e-mail. It shouldn't matter what service you create the file in, or on what type of hardware, it all should work together seamlessly, she says.

One ironic twist: no Mac version of the desktop yet.  However, they do have a Facebook widget that allows you to drag and drop media content into a box on a fellow user's Facebook profile.   Very cool!

Via:  News.com
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if6was9 6 years ago
Sounds like a good idea;hopefully, a idea that will not die on the vine or lawsuits.
mazuki 6 years ago
as long as it doesn't violate the TOS of programs like iTunes, i don't see any way this could be taken down. it's your purchased media for you to do what you wish.
digitaldd 6 years ago

 What's really interesting about this app, is it uses the analog hole to convert the media to non-DRM'd file formats. basically for music it plays the music at a faster speed and records at the same time. does the same for certain video file formats..

jtm55 6 years ago

 Hi All,

I like it. Nice to see that He's gone legit. 

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