CyberPowerPC Shows us Their Black Mamba and NZXT Switch 810 at CES 2012

Our friends at CyberPowerPC were showing off some seriously decked-out gaming rigs this year at CES 2012.  We've always had good experiences with their products here in the lab and the systems on display at CES showcased very impressive build quality, immaculate wire-routing along with impeccable pipe-work for their water cooling setups.  On display were several systems, including the rather bad-ass Fang III Series Black Mamba; a monster of a system that's super-charged with an over-the-top component configuration. 

We'll get to that big fella in a moment or two. First let's show you something a bit more mainstream, if you want to call it that. CyberPower took the opportunity to partner with NZXT in order to showcase their latest gaming chassis with a modern high-end CyberPower build.  Feast thine eyeballs here first...

NZXT's Switch 810 Gaming Chassis - Water Cooled, Dual Radeon HD 7970 Graphics, Core i7-3960X

The Switch 810 is an interesting chassis with an adjustable top vent grill that slides open or closed for more cooling or quieter operation. The case measures 235 x 595 x 585 mm (W x H x D), and supports XL-ATX and EATX motherboards. The chassis has 140mm intake fans in the front (one is included with the case), up to three 140mm exhaust fans on top, and one 140mm rear exhaust, along with two internal fans sites in the HDD bays (again, one included).  It also supports two fans on the bottom, though as you can see, CyberPower took the opportunity to drop a rather large radiator in there. The Switch 810 also has 9 expansion slot bays. Side note - we've got this chassis in now and will be putting together a review in the weeks ahead.

CyberPower Gaming Rigs Sporting Water Cooled Multi-GPU Graphics and Extreme Edition CPUs
(NZXT water cooler setup on right)

The star of CyberPower's suite (maybe a black hole?) was the Fang III Series Black Mamba.  This thing has an almost menacing look and is just plain mammoth.  Base price is for this bad boy is $4999. And there was a surprise guest in the top of the chassis, if you look closely in the video here...

The Black Mamba is CyberpowerPC’s top-of-the line gaming rig. This system was driven by a 2nd Generation (Sandy Bridge-E) Intel Core i7-3960X Extreme Edition processor that is overclocked an additional 30% with CyberpowerPC’s Venom Boost technology and cooled by its Advanced Hydro Liquid Cooling Kit. A set of liquid cooled NVIDIA GTX 590 video cards in Quad-SLI mode are configured here for blistering frame rates. Other features include 16GB DDR3 quad channel memory; 2TB HDD; a pair of OCZ 120GB SSDs; HI-Def 7.1 audio; LG 12X Blu-Ray rewriter; and a Razer Lycosa gaming keyboard and matching Razer Lachesis gaming mouse.

Two Systems in One Fang III Black Mamba - Bottom: Killer Gaming Rig - Top:  Media Server

When you're rocking a pair of water-cooled GTX 590s in Quad-SLI and Intel's latest Extreme Edition processor, what else do you need?  Of course, you need a Windows Server 2008 media server to act as the nerve center for your digital entertainment world. This little fella sits Kangaroo-style inside the system and sports an Intel Z68-based mini-ITX board from Zotac with a Core i7 2500 processor.

Impressive stuff from the folks at CyberPowerPC to be sure.  The systems we saw are well built machines that exhibit "boutique" style build quality at a more mainstream price point, though obviously the Black Mamba is targeted at the "crazy enthusiast" niche.

Stay tuned for more CES 2012 coverage as we wrap up our whirl-wind tour this week!

Via:  CyberPowerPC
OptimusPrimeTime 2 years ago

"Man those two systems are packing some heavy gear. The Switch case looks rather nice."

rapid1 2 years ago

That system is SWEET looking top and bottom not that I have not seen a concept like this before but wow they do an absolute bang up job on it.

Inspector 2 years ago

Dam that is one sexy beast! Love the combined idea, but the price will probably reflect that. That door for the media server looks like a nice idea to do for a full side panel on a full sized case..

omegadraco 2 years ago

That Nzxt case is looking HOT!... the red lighting on the white case is sweet..

*ponders* maybe I will go with a red theme for my next build rather then the classic blue.

eunoia 2 years ago


Manduh 2 years ago

These are some crazy azz rigs!!

As much as I like the trend of white cases, I still think the red lights look better with black :D

These are definitely drool worthy!

AKwyn 2 years ago

Man that looks sexy, CyberPowerPC certainly knows how to create some sweet PC's huh? Hope HotHardware is able to put both of them through it's paces.

cowboyspace 2 years ago

YAY, im proud i got the razer lycosa shown in the first pic :) i will like to have one of those pc in my living room, so everyone can see it :)

JZitting 2 years ago

i really like the two in one idea. also, HOLY CRAP i bet that brute could easily run any video game i chose to play at amazing high definition. its just a beautiful, tricked out machine altogether. and, to me, liquid cooled computers = AWSOME STUFF.

jmanthony 2 years ago

I have bought one Desktop and one laptop from these hacks one year apart. So, 1 year 6 months after I bought the desktop the power supply unit went. 1 year 1 month after I bought the laptop the screen went. Did cyber power do anything to help me? No. So, unless you want to replace parts on your computer do not buy from these people.

realneil 2 years ago

[quote user="jmanthony"]from these hacks[/quote]

Gimme a break!,....

My CyberPower PC system is almost four years old and has never had any problem at all.


Wait,...the DVD drive went south on it. (I almost forgot!) But I never contacted them about it because it happened last month and I had a new drive on the shelf already.

CyberPower PC has some amazing cable management abilities and my PC is absolutely the best quality going.


Any of the PC's shown here would be wonderfull to own.

Aoshi 2 years ago

I'm a sucker for white cases and blue LEDs. Those look very nice. I am impressed about the work that went into those.

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