CyanogenMod Enjoys User Growth, Considers Launching A Banned App Store

If you've ever hacked or considered hacking your Android device, you're probably familiar with CyanogenMod. Although there are plenty of custom Android ROMs out there, CyanogenMod is one of the most well-known.  In fact, CyanogenMod just passed 1 million active users. CyanogenMod was created by Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik.

Given the success of CyanogenMod, it should be no surprise that the project is continuing to evolve and grow into new areas. Koushik Dutta, one of the CyanogenMod team members, would like to see an App Store for root apps and apps that are "getting shut down for no good reason." The idea seems pretty handy from a user perspective, and as Dutta points out, could even help fund the CyanogenMod project.

Apparently, Dutta approached Amazon with his idea of bundling their AppStore in CyanogenMod with the provision that Amazon would give CyanogenMod a portion of the sales. Sadly, Amazon brushed Dutta off, so it would appear that this isn't going to happen in the short term. Still, it appears there are a number of users on Google+ that are excited about the project, so hopefully it will come to fruition. Dutta's proposed store would be open-source so it would be available to any custom ROM, not just CyanogenMod.

rapid1 2 years ago

I wish I could use it, and I have tried several times, but as of now have never been able to get it to work on my rooted T-mous Sensation. The furthest I ever get is the little screen (which is the boot animation) above although it is active (the arrow moves in a circular motion) then never will go any further. I have tried a few ROM's but Cyanogen for me has never worked.

FupaGames 2 years ago

We would contribute our ~90 free games that Google Market banned and won't tell us why. They are all on Amazon Appstore as well.

RockyMtnChris09 2 years ago

I'm still rocking my Evo 4G. Can't upgrade until October so I'm probably gonna hold out. I rooted mine but never flashed it. Once Cyanogenmod 9 comes out for it, I have no doubt it will add a good year to it's life. Who needs stockware?  ;P

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