Crucial M550 Series Solid State Drive Review

The solid state storage market continues to be one of the hottest in the PC industry. Over the last few weeks alone, we’ve seen the release of the Intel SSD 730 and the OCZ Vertex 460 series of drives and there are still plenty more on the horizon, as many companies ready products with different capacities, form factors and connectivity options.

Today is Crucial’s turn to make some noise. The long-time memory maker is launching a new line of solid state drives, dubbed the M550 series, targeted at performance-minded, but budget-conscious enthusiasts. The M550 family of drives will be offered in array of form factors, including mSATA and M.2 flavors, but we’ve got a couple of 2.5” SATA models on tap for you here...

Crucial M550 Series Solid State Drive Review

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JefferyPruett 9 months ago

So many Ssd to chose from and so little answers which the best.

StaticFX 9 months ago

the current speed winner is the OCZ Vector 256gb @ 286mb/s

in comparison.. the Crucial M500 480gb is 226 MB/s


the worst is intel something at like 55 mb/s


it can vary hugely...

great test done by toms hardware:,3269-6.html


its a good read

realneil 9 months ago

Crucial is the one brand of SSD that I've never tried.

These look to be good though.

childishradio 9 months ago

I feel like I should've bought a crucial over the samsung ssd I have now, mostly because of the price. I don't think I would have noticed any speed differences myself

StaticFX 9 months ago

i did see somewhere a price per mb/s chart lol - cant find it now

lipe123 9 months ago

The answer is pretty easy honestly.

Most people still use a standard hard drive and going to *any* SSD is going to be a day/night improvement.

The difference in these drives is like watching the grand prix, the difference between the winner and the loser is 20 seconds over a race of 2 hours.

It just comes down to what you can afford and thats why I got the Samsung because you get 250Gb instead of 235-240 that most other drives give you.

SNicko 9 months ago

Great review Marco :) Crucial SSD is the brand that i trust.

StaticFX 9 months ago

lipe, thats really not true...


an normal HD maxes out typically at like 150mb/s (normal is lik 75mb/s ish - so with a good SSD coming close to double (or triple) that you can transfer data a 2x-3x the speed.

 if you are copying data etc or loading large files, (or booting) you will see a significant increase in speed.

idiot5 9 months ago

I have a crucial M500 (slightly lower read/write speeds, but pretty close to the 550) and I like it. My only issue so far is that I get random blue screens when I play games. it might be a driver issue of some kind, but i'm not sure yet. it runs everything well and goes a lot faster than my old hdd and I think it was a very good purchase. If i had the money, i'd go back and get a bigger 550.

AlbertoGarcaAlcolea 9 months ago

For a brand like Crucial has to work twice as hard to have the same market as other brands?

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