Cricket's New Wireless Plan Appeals to Music Lovers

Cricket apparently has a fetish for firsts. The wireless carrier claims it was the first one to introduce an unlimited wireless rate plan, and now the company is announcing the first wireless rate plan with unlimited music included. It's part of an "innovative new digital music service called Muve Music," and was designed specifically with mobile phone users in mind.

"With Muve Music, Cricket is bringing together the best of wireless and music in a way no one has ever done before," said Doug Hutcheson, president and chief executive officer of Cricket Communications. "Our recent experience with smartphones has shown us that the right products offered at the right price will be successful with value-oriented customers. We are excited and confident that Muve Music will provide a superior mobile experience for customers who want to create a personal music experience without being tethered to a computer."

Here's how it works. Music lovers pay a flat rate $55/month and in exchange they receive unlimited full track downloads, unlimited ringtones, and unlimited ringback tones. This in addition to a bunch of other unlimited goodies, including nationwide calling, nationwide text, picture, and video messaging, global text messaging, 3G mobile Web, email, data back up, and video.

At launch, Muve Music will be available on the Samsung Suede smarpthone, a high-end 3G multi-media device with a 3-inch touchscreen display, virtual QWERTY keyboard, and a dedicated music button.
Via:  BusinessWire
3vi1 4 years ago

My wife had Cricket for a while. She absolutely hated it: She had to dial roaming codes when leaving the city, then had no service whatsoever in the area where my parents lived in Louisiana. She couldn't even text when roaming, and the Indian-accented customer service reps explained there were multiple other hidden fees you had to pay over the "unlimited" flat-rate for "nationwide" service.

This was all for a phone she mostly just wanted in the case of emergency when traveling. She talked to multiple reps, then couldn't leave the service fast enough. Nowadays she can't even see a picture of Jimminy Cricket without going off into a tirade.

animatortom 3 years ago

Samsux :P

SO for 55 a month you are not able to keep any of the music or put it on an Ipod? SO I guees when you have a party you will have to hook up the phone to the stereo with a streaming mix?

What happens when you get a service drop? Will give new meaning to Drop it like its hot :P

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