Crestron iPanel Converts iPad Into Ultimate Home Remote Control

There have been tons of apps and accessories produced for the iPad in just a few short months, many of which are truly ground-breaking. But few have added on functionality quite like this new Crestron iPanel. It's the just snap-on panel designed specifically for use with the iPad. Crestron is a well-known name in home automation, but usually they prefer to sell users Crestron controllers to control Crestron devices. The iPanel breaks away from that by letting consumers use the iPad they already own, but with a little bit of Crestron help.

The device is set to debut officially soon at CEDIA, where it will snap onto the iPad and connect via the Dock Connector. Then, it will use Wi-Fi to transmit button presses to your other Crestron equipment. Note that this isn't a screen overlay; users will still have total control over the iPad's touchscreen, so you really are adding extra functionality (although adding a bit of bulk around the edges). Final details have yet to be ironed out, but it's clear that this iPanel could be a real home entertainer's dream when used in combination with their favorite home controlling apps. It just might be the ultimate remote control. Agree? Disagree? Too bad we don't know a price point, but we hear the company is aiming for under $500. Steep, but not too steep when you consider the price range of other Crestron controllers.
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inspector 4 years ago

"Steep, but not too steep when you consider the price range of other Crestron controllers."

But seeing how this is only a simple cover over an ipad... which does not come with the product... 500 is steep, i would think. Their other products would work on their own but this requires the ipad which is bought separately, But i guess their app is what cost that extra 400+? :D

realneil 4 years ago

It's cool enough to want one, and all of the other expensive stuff that you need for it to control.

But it is a lot of money when you figure in the price of the iPad and then $500.00 for this thing, and then the component interfaces that hook up to all of the devices in your home.

Add it all up and then think about the remotes that came with the components to begin with. (why yes, by golly!, already HAVE total remote control if you would just choose to pick up your existing remotes and use them) So this essentially gives you all of the capabilities that you already own, but on one device. How much does that cost?

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