Cox To Start Selling TiVo Premiere DVRs, Will Others Follow?

Well, it's about time. For years now, TiVo has been fighting an interesting problem. They essentially created the DVR service that we know and use today, but they have been struggling forever to make profits and acquire new subscribers. How so? Cable companies were able to duplicate the experience, and although it's not nearly as robust, it's good enough for the vast majority of people. Also, TiVo never had any deals with pay-TV providers, so they were out on their own attempting to upsell people despite regular DVRs being pushed hard by cable companies. It was and is an uphill battle, to say the least.

But finally, finally, TiVo has what they have needed from day one: a deal with a cable company. It's "just" Cox, which isn't nearly at the top of the cable company heap, but it's a much needed start. The deal means that Cox will begin to promote and provide TiVo Premiere units, and it will offer installation and tech support. That means that TiVo won't have to sell themselves to Cox customers; it'll be an option right from the start. It's also the first-ever integration of Cox On Demand into a retail device, making it a win-win for both companies involved.

Customers will need a CableCARD for access to Cox services, but at least it eliminates the need for Cox's cable service + a standalone TiVo. Now the two are integrated, as they should be. Cox is planning to roll this out across all major markets for an undisclosed amount, and we suspect other cable carrier could follow suit if it proves fruitful.
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realneil 4 years ago

It's a good idea, and I'm told that there are ways to back up the 'content' on your TIVO to DVD disks.


jef111 4 years ago

This is a incredibly huge deal for both companies and the consumer. It's a dream come true for those wanting a higher quality box than the cable company's and those of us who found it hard to accept anything else once experiencing Tivo.

Until now, the only problem with Tivo was not being able to access cable VOD/Pay per view. But Tivo is so good, many were willing to accept that. The fact that you don't have to buy a Tivo in the store unless you want to is even more impressive. Cox will install them just as they have been for the Scientific Atlanta/Motorola boxes.

Buy your own box and Tivo's lifetime subscription and you have no monthly fees. Just the cable card rental fee. That's about $20 off the cable bill.  The box would then pay for itself in 2 years.

Once again, I feel lucky to live in a Cox service area.

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