Corsair Updates Hydro Series H60 And Introduces New Hydro Series H55 Liquid CPU Coolers

Corsair announced a new version of its Hydro Series H60 liquid CPU cooler as well as the new Hydro Series H55 liquid CPU cooler. The Hydro Series H60 features a new cold plate and manifold design. It also uses larger diameter tubing to increase the coolant flow rate. This cooler makes use of new composite rubber tubing, thereby providing for easier installation while still retaining low evaporation rates.

The Hydro Series H60 also features a new magnetic mounting bracket that is designed to make it easy to select the correct motherboard socket format. The new H60 comes with a 120mm fan based on the Air Series SP120. This fan features a motor that has been tuned for high torque, ensuring high performance with low noise.

The new Hydro Series H55 is an updated version of the Hydro Series H50. This cooler is based on the latest 4th generation cold-plate design. The H55 also features a low noise 120mm fan as well as a tool-free mounting bracket and low-permeability rubber tubing.

Both coolers are compatible with most cases that feature a rear 120mm fan mount. Both the Hydro Series H55 and Hydro Series H60 CPU coolers support motherboards based on the Intel LGA115x/1366/2011 and AMD AM2/AM3/FM1 sockets. The coolers are backed by a five year limited warranty.

The Hydro Series H60 is available for $79.99 while the Hydro Series H55 sells for $69.99.

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Atticus14 2 years ago

These things are interesting, cant wait to see the higher end designs but im wondering if they are the same as Thermaltake's recent releases, from what I understand they all come from the same place and are rebranded /shrug

That doesn't mean they are bad, just no real competition or variety.

for instance

[Thermaltake CLW0217 Water 2.0 Extreme/All-In-One Liquid Cooling System]

reviews a tad better than the corsair h100 which seems to be due for a refresh now

I would really like to have one as I have one of the old hot i7 920s but its hard to imagine paying 130 for this when thats pretty close to half the cost of a new processor in general - which would lower my heat output while giving more power. As an added bonus for conflicted decision making you have the XSPC Rasa kits which (some) only cost a hair more but are full fledged water cooling and easily upgradeable and expandable to gpus too or whatever else you can put under water.

eunoia 2 years ago


realneil 2 years ago

I have an H50, H60, and an H80 here. All are at least a year old, and the H50 is four years old now.

The advantage to these coolers is that they have no maintenance chores other than keeping dust out of the cooling fins and fan blades. Their water loops are closed, so you never have to change the fluid in them.

They cool my CPUs pretty well. Right now I'm using the H50 on an i7-870 CPU, the H60 on an AMD FX-4170 CPU, and the h80 is on my i7-2600k. All are slightly overclocked, and temps are well within specifications.

They do not interfere with tall RAM module installation because their cooling fins are moved to the rear of the case.

I have an Enermax ETS-T40-VD Air cooler that cools as well as the H60, and I have an NZXT Havik-140 Air cooler that works slightly better than my H80 does. Both of them need low profile RAM on the motherboard to install correctly. Both of these air coolers take more time and effort to install,......but they work well too.

I avoided buying the H-100 because of the problems some people were having with them, but that is a problem that Corsair solved long ago. They look pretty good to me.

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