Corsair Unveils Speedy New Memory Kit

Corsair introduced a new memory kit that it is calling “the world’s fastest production 8GB PC memory kit.” The new Dominator GTX 8GB dual-channel DDR3 kit will operate at 2400MHz with latency settings of 9-11-10-30, at a memory voltage of 1.65V. Qualification is performed on an Intel P55 motherboard. The Dominator GTX 8GB 2400MHz kit utilizes Corsair’s DHX+ heatsink and an AirFlow 2 GTL Cooling Fan.

Corsair Announces World’s Fastest Production 8GB PC Memory Kit

– New Dominator GTX 2x4GB kits run at incredible 2400MHz CL9 1.65V –

FREMONT, California — May 26th, 2011 — Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced the production of a Dominator® GTX 8GB dual-channel DDR3 kit guaranteed to operate at 2400MHz, with latency settings of 9-11-10-30, at a memory voltage of 1.65V.

The 2400MHz kits are the result of a painstaking four-stage component screening process which is passed by fewer than one in 20 memory ICs. Qualification is performed on an Intel® P55 motherboard, using the same rigorous test cycle applied to the rest of Corsair’s Memory product line.

“The purpose of these kits is to help overclockers explore the limits of memory performance,” said Giovanni Sena, Director of Memory Products at Corsair. “They’re the product of careful screening, selection, and testing, and we’re eager to see what enthusiasts will do with them. As long as our customers are obsessed with making computers faster and more powerful, we’ll continue producing extraordinary memory kits to help make that happen.”

The Dominator GTX 8GB 2400MHz kit comes complete with Corsair’s patented DHX+ heatsink and an AirFlow 2 GTL Cooling Fan for exceptional thermal performance. It may be purchased from Corsair’s webstore for $499 USD. Limited quantities are available. For more information on this and other Corsair Dominator memory products, please visit the Corsair web site.

About DHX+ Technology

Corsair's patented DHX+ technology uses specially designed, high-quality heatsinks and a custom-designed PCB that allows both the front and rear of the memory ICs, and the printed circuit board itself, to be cooled. DHX+ technology also allows for the cooling fins to be removed, allowing for a range of modular cooling accessories including extended heatsink fins and the AirFlow Pro™ dynamic temperature and activity display. DHX and DHX+ designs are covered by US Patent number 7,606,034.

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everdark44 3 years ago

Those are some high heatsinks

realneil 3 years ago

Those Heat-Sinks look like Airframe Elevons. They're big!

I like the performance of this RAM, but the 'Corsair tax' is profound. Surprise

It's not worth all of the money they seem to think it is.

So, for now, I think that they want to keep it, much more than I want to buy it.

dadodgeson 3 years ago

500 hundred dollars ouch !!

coolice 3 years ago

I'm not a pro-geek, but who would require such speedy ram? realneil, your insight?

realneil 3 years ago

[quote user="coolice"]I'm not a pro-geek, but who would require such speedy ram? realneil, your insight?[/quote]

If you're trying to set records for overclocking PC's then you'd want this to see if it makes you go faster.There is a lot of really fast RAM out there now and some of it has incredibly tight timings to boot.

Also,.....if you have lots of cash on hand and like to spend it, then this RAM is for you.

I'm quite happy with my two GSKill Sniper 16GB DDR3-1600 kits though. They make my Spider Solitaire game just fly on the two i7-870's!

AKwyn 3 years ago

Corsair has released yet another limited edition RAM sticks running at incredibly fast speeds.

One things for sure, at least enthusiasts will be crazy for them like hotcakes.

ThunderBird 3 years ago

Wonder how they compare to the Vengence line.

At least with Sandy Bridge memory latency does little for performance.

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