Corsair Neutron SATA III SSD Review

Corsair tends to be somewhat measured in their approach to certain markets and only enters them with products that are clearly differentiated from the competition. That’s true for their cases, peripherals, power supplies, and many other product lines. Corsair, however, has been relatively adventurous in regard to Solid State Drives. Over the last few years, Corsair has offered SSDs built around controllers from virtually all of the major players, including Marvell, SandForce, Indilinx, and Samsung, among others.

While Corsair has been open to working with multiple controller designs, they have not typically be first to market with drives based on brand new controllers. But that all changed with the recent release of the Corsair Neutron line of Solid State Drives. Corsair’s Neutron SSDs feature a new controller from Link_A_Media Devices (LAMD) that is not yet available in any other consumer storage product...

Corsair Neutron SATA III SSD Review

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realneil one year ago

Whoo-Ya! Great review Marco.

$189.00 isn't bad at all. I love the decline of SSD prices over the past year. I look forward to it continuing.

Corsair is hitting a lot of markets, (cases, keyboards, cpu coolers, speakers, fans, etc) and ~all~ of what they make is a cut above.

They're one of the best brands out there.

Dave_HH one year ago

Agreed, .79 cents/GB is pretty dang good for this sort of performance. Way to go Corsair!

SmogHog one year ago

If this is a review of the Neutron why are the specs for the OCZ Vector listed instead of the specs for the Neutron?

About 80% of normal daily disk access measured in Microsoft's diskmon is small file reads and writes of 512K or smaller with most being writes.

The Neuton GTX and regular Neutron SSDs are great performers when benchmarked empty of data and are the best consumer SSDs for consistency but who buys an SSD to leave it empty.

The Neutron SSDs lose half of their performance when the drive is half filled with data.

The very high amount of power consumed at idle is also not so good.for an SSD.

Marco C one year ago

Shoot---that was a typo in the specs header that I failed to correct. The specs listed were/are correct though ( Thanks for the head's up!

AberfoyleParkPC one year ago

Really please that SSD's have finally dropped to reasonable price levels - my first 64gb SSD cost more than this 256gb one!

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