Corsair Expands Force Series SSD Line

Corsair added two new models to its Force Series SSD family. The new F90 and F180 Force Series SSDs offer storage capacities of 90GB and 180GB respectively. These latest drives use the Sandforce SF-1200 SSD Processor and offer read speeds of up to 285MB/sec and write speeds of up to 275MB/sec, with a 4K random write throughput of up to 50,000 IOPs. The new drives are currently available for $189.99 (F90) and $399.99 (F180).

Corsair Launches 90GB and 180GB Force Series Solid-State Drives

– Expanded range of capacities for award-winning Force Series, all with exceptional performance and class-leading random-write IOPs –

FREMONT, California — December 2, 2010 — Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced two additions to its award-winning Force Series™ SSD family. The new models include the F90 and F180 Force Series SSDs, with densities of 90GB and 180GB respectively.

These latest additions to the Corsair Force Series are built using the Sandforce SF-1200 SSD Processor, which provides exceptional performance, including read speeds of up to 285MB/sec and write speeds of up to 275MB/sec, with a 4K random write throughput of up to 50,000 IOPs. This is the same level of performance as that of enterprise-level SSDs, and results in unmatched system responsiveness.

"Corsair’s Force Series of SSDs have become extremely popular with enthusiasts and gamers, and with these two new capacities we can offer our customers greater flexibility to choose the capacity that best suits their budget,” stated Thi La, VP of Memory Products at Corsair. "The 90GB and 180GB capacities neatly fill the gaps in the current family, which now ranges from 40GB all the way to 240GB."

The F90 and F180 Force Series SSDs all implement the ATA TRIM command, supported by Windows® 7, which helps to maintain optimal performance over the drive's lifetime.

The F90 and F160 Force Series SSDs are available immediately from Corsair's worldwide network of authorized distributors and resellers. The MSRP of the F90 and F180 is $189.99 and $399.99, respectively. For more information on Corsair Force Series SSDs, please visit our web site.

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countcristo 4 years ago

The 90GB seems a little expensive for even enthusiast consumers, but I bet that's attractive compared to Crucial's RealSSD C300. It should provide even better competition when it drops to 150 or less!

Still, I don't think I'll be jumping onto the SSD bandwagon until SSDs cost 25cents/GB...maybe 50.

infinityzen1 4 years ago

Considering the MSRP on these is $2.11 @ GB (90GB) and $2.22 @ GB (180GB), they should slot into the current market nicely. Here is echoing what countcristo said about the need for some serious price dropping.

rapid1 4 years ago

From what I have noticed Crucial's SSD's in general are more expensive a bit in general, kinda like Intel. From what they say you get what you pay for on the Intel's, I have not heard that about the Crucials though.

I will say one thing I have a 64GB SSD, and while I like it I am pretty sure it is getting close to format and re-install on Windows 7, as I seem to get jitters on the drive as well as lock ups, and an occasional boot error (BSD which I can generally rectify about once a month). Just in general it seems you have to be more specific with where things go (IE: documents, Software, etc).

The advantage's of the drive are great as well as noticeable for sure, and in a very good way, but it takes some planning, which of course I did not really do at the start.

Luckily I have 2 750 GB drives playing backup. I don't know if I should image the Windows backup, or just recover everything I deem necessary from C: on one of the secondaries, and do a full format and reinstall on a fresh clean drive.

Although that second option seems the best the Sata 3 connectors were also not planned for, and I think I might like to Raid the two drives. As far as it goes I think everyone here who thinks there not worth it are missing one thing. If your OS run's better, which it does considerably so even with the issues, then your whole PC runs better all the way around. It is also considerably cooler than mechanical HD's, which enhance your cases cooling capabilities.

So SSD drives contain many advantages, and you do not need one of the monsters really. Especially when you can get Mechanical drives for storage duty etc for as cheep as you can now.

countcristo 4 years ago

Does your 64GB SSD also have TRIM support?

I think if I were you, since I am a poor college student, I'd go and back up only what's deemed necessary on DVD(s) then go with a reformat. However, that's only if you're going to RAID your 2 drives and I'm assuming it'd be RAID 0. I should warn you that it doesn't really help at all for load times if you play games, but helps a lot in large file transfers. Don't forget that they're also more prone to fail, which has happened to me after 2 years of use.

I read a lot of tech sites and from reading reviews about Crucial's RealSSD c300, gives the fastest performance, thus costing the most.

I found the review from this site, linked below!


MMcCutcheon 4 years ago

still too expensive for me...i can deal with the slower load times of windows, and like many others say, doesn't really help in game load times.

Der Meister 4 years ago

I have seen some benches in corsairs forum with 2 or 3 of these in raid 0 128k stripe and they were able to hit 1.1gbs read. It was quite impressive... 

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