Corsair Adds 40GB, 80GB and 160GB Models To Force SSD Family

Corsair's "Force" series of solid state drives have been widely praised across the industry, but the kicker is that only a few sizes have been made available. And for some users, the 60GB, 120GB and 240GB models just won't fit the bill for one reason or another. But now the company is introducing a few new members into the Force family, with expanded size options for those who need them.

Three new models are being introduced, with 40GB, 80GB and 160GB editions being added to the lineup. Corsair notes that the 40GB model is ideal for use as a Windows 7 boot drive, while the other two just provide more price points to focus on for those in need of a basic SSD replacement for their notebook hard drive. These new models also use the SandForce SF-1200 SSD processor, which includes their DuraWrite technology and supports the TRIM command in order maintain write performance over time.

The three new additions to the Force Series SSDs from Corsair have a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price in the United States of $129.99 for the 40GB, $229.99 for the 80GB, and $449.99 for the 160GB version. The new models are expected to begin shipping worldwide in August.

Corsair Announces Additions to its Force Series Family of Solid-State Drives
– The award-winning Force Series is updated with new capacities, including a 40GB model that's perfect for a Windows 7 boot drive –

FREMONT, California — May 27, 2010 — Corsair®, a worldwide designer and supplier of high-performance components to the PC gaming hardware market, today announced three new capacities in its highly-acclaimed Force Series™ solid-state-drives, adding 40GB, 80GB, and 160GB models to the current lineup of 60GB, 120GB and 240GB SSDs.

Corsair Force Series solid-state drives are based on the SandForce® SF-1200 SSD Processor, and includes their DuraWrite™ technology for incredible read and write speeds. Unlike most other current generation solid-state drives, the unique architecture of the SF-1200 SSD Processor allows lower capacity drives to perform with nearly the same performance as larger capacity SSDs. All three Force Series models support the TRIM† command, so write performance is maintained over time.

"In our testing in the Corsair Lab, we found that the new Force Series 40GB SSD outperform competitive SSDs from Intel and Kingston by a wide margin," said John Beekley, Vice President of Technical Marketing at Corsair. "With SandForce's unique DuraWrite architecture, there is almost no performance penalty when reducing the capacity of the drive."

The three new additions to the Force Series SSDs from Corsair have a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price in the United States of $129.99 for the 40GB, $229.99 for the 80GB, and $449.99 for the 160GB version. The new models are expected to begin shipping worldwide in August.

"With competitive pricing and amazing performance, these new drives are a force to be reckoned with," said Jim Carlton, Vice President of Marketing at Corsair. "All of the new models deliver an excellent price/performance ratio, but the aggressively priced 40GB F40 is incredibly attractive and, quite simply, the ideal boot drive for any Windows 7 desktop PC."

All Corsair SSDs are backed by a three-year warranty and come with Corsair's legendary service and support by phone, email, or via
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amdcrankitup 4 years ago

Sooner or later when everyone gets their heart right on the price Im gng to get one of these but right now if the money was here I would go to tiger direct and take advantage of the sale on the WD Raptor 300g for $169.00. The SSD,s will come down but probably be a year before its a noticable differance. I would at least have to have a 160g as my basic OS drive! One day!!!

rapid1 4 years ago

I don't know I agree and disagree here. The computer I won on an awesome contest that's held regularly on my face tech website and forum hothardware had a 60 GB SSD. I use it as my OS drive with two WD blacks (700GB). More for people who organize there computer with partition management etc this is absolutely fine. While the SSD is a 64 Gb Kingston edition and is not this specific SSD or manufacturer, nor is it quite as current as there current offerings in ssd's. I am sure they are better than the one I have. With all that information available to me I would say it's a great option. Of course I would like to have 3 or more larger ones in a raid 5 or 0+1, and the costs currently make that at the least an expensive thing to do. I would say my experience looking at performance in several different ways it has definitely enhanced what I expect from a computer. So I think all this by any manufacturer is a very wise thing to do (multiple size and price points). Where many would consider several manufacturers (Corsair included in the mix now) to be the ones to beat in this specific platform with Intel probably as the pinnacle currently. I personally consider OCZ to be the standard this field of parts is measured by. They have done more than any other singular company in these specific devices, and therefore given several advantages to us as consumers as well as hardware junkies. With there rapid fire development, releases, and addition to this specific market place everyone else including Intel and more recently Corsair have had to step up there game entirely. That is why we are seeing this. However; much like you say the prices and regularity will both decrease and increase in line. So with my 60Gb Os drive I think it specifically is a great option. While relatively low in price it gives enough space to work in for an OS if you manage you storage like I do certain things such as my documents/photo's/backup are not on this drive because the performance is not needed there, more so the space. Important things such as the OS, specific games, etc are on the SSD where it definitely affects performance on a wide scale. The big question here is, is it worth it. With these specifics and at the current price level I would say yes, but to me at least I would say a 60 or at largest a 80Gb works the best currently. This is because the performance and size of mechanical HD's are very efficient for there main reason for existence now storage space. Mind you though this is a much broader outlook and opinion than this specific (Corsair) review or outlook gives call for, and generally an outlook more on SSD's in general!

acarzt 4 years ago

I have a pair of Vertex's in a RAID 0 and I love them.

My system boots up nice and quick... But the lack of storage is a real downer.

I like to run all my programs and games from the RAID but I can only have a couple games installed at once. The closer to the limit of capacity I get, the slower the drives run. So I have to make sure I leave a decent amount of space on the drives.

ClemSnide 4 years ago

Good to hear your experiences, realneil and acarzt. Mine are about the same; with a 64 GB SSD, I now have about 20 GB free. Unlike realneil, I chose to go with the slower but more energy-eficient and (perhaps) long-lasting WD Green line, two 1 TB disks in RAID 1.

I also enjoy the speed of startup and system operations, and since I have World of Warcraft running from the SSD, it has sped the game up when it's loading from disk.

Really the only disadvantage I have found is that you have to train yourself to always use the "custom" install option and replace "C:" with "E:", or what-have-you; I also had to set up the mechanical HD so that it looked like the folders on the system disk. Even then, there's still some software which assumes the C: drive, but that's not too common and can be dealt with individually.

I really do recommend this setup. The SSD, by the by, is an OCZ Agility. It isn't giving me the performance that's advertised on their website, but it's better than a mechanical HD so I'm not complaining too loudly.

acarzt 4 years ago

I just install everything on my SSDs. I store Photos, music, videos, and other documents on my HDDs. :-)

acarzt 4 years ago

Also.... realneil has not posted in here... that's Rapid lol

ClemSnide 4 years ago

Oops, my bad. Sorry rapid1, but if you had to be mistaken for someone else, realneil wouldn't be bad. (He also won a full system so I just dropped a gear in my memory.)

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