Complaints, er, Loyalty Rewarded With AT&T MicroCell

If one thing has grated on AT&T's signal-strapped customers since the introduction of its MicroCell, it's that you have to pay it. After all, you are paying extra for something you should get by default: decent coverage. Perhaps some loyal customers are seeing a reward for that loyalty, however, in the form of free MicroCells.

AT&T's MicroCells are its brand of femtocells. A femtocell uses your own broadband to give you better coverage in your house. In the case of AT&T's MicroCell, you have to register specific devices (up to 10) to be used with it. You also have to pay 4150, plus $20 a month if you want usage through the MicroCell to be unlimited. Otherwise, it counts against your minutes.

enGadget reader Jason received a letter (true, not an email) offering his family a 3G MicroCell for free. All he had to do is go to a local AT&T store. He noted that he has trouble with dropped calls at home (as do we), but hasn't complained to TS about it. His family plan runs $180, but the kicker is probably that his contract was set to run out.

He didn't have to re-up for a new service contract, however. He also, it's apparent, didn't grab a new iPhone 4 or he'd be locked in for two more years, anyway.

At any rate, some folks have also said that if you complain hard enough, you can get a MicroCell for cheap, or free, as well. What's interesting in this case is that AT&T was proactively handing out the MicroCell, without a complaint.

Anyone else getting AT&T love?
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cellhead 4 years ago

But he still has to pay an extra $20/month because he's on a network that sucks, and that's a deal? Please explain.

Inspector 4 years ago

He does not have to, he can just use his own minutes... So i guess its all good...

jturnbull65 4 years ago

You'll probably want to correct the typo "4150" to "$150". I was considering purchasing a microcell, but with this news that AT&T might be giving them out free or discounting them, I'll push for that and let you know how it goes.

acarzt 4 years ago

How are they getting away with this? lol

You are already paying them for a service... Then they are unable to PROVIDE you with that service... so they charge you to essentially setup a mini-cell tower in your home.

Eff that! Get off your lazy butts and put a Cell tower close enough that I can get service.

To me, this is just outrageous that they would charge for such a thing!

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