Community Health Systems Latest To Suffer Chinese Hacker Attack, 4.5 Million Users Compromised

Community Health Systems Inc revealed on Monday that personal had been stolen by hackers from its computer network. According to the U.S. Hospital operator, 4.5 million accounts were stolen that included patient names and addresses sometime in April and June.

The 4.5 million people who were either referred to or received services from doctors affiliated with the service in the last five years were the ones affected by the attack. The attackers, according to Community Health, used malware and other technology to acquire the data from its system.

The company, one of the largest hospital operators in the U.S. with 206 hospitals in 29 states, went on to say that the data stolen also included birth dates, telephone numbers, and security numbers. However, patient credit card and medical information were not included.

Prior to the event, the FBI had warned healthcare providers back in April that the sector’s cybersecurity systems were not up to par when compared to other sectors. Because of this, healthcare providers were making themselves vulnerable to hackers.

Community Health and FireEye Inc unit Mandiant, its security contractor, stated that their belief that the attackers were from China. No additional information was provided as to why the companies believe this to be the case.

The company, prior to filing the regulatory document, has stated that it has removed the malware from its network and has completed the remediation efforts. It is currently notifying patients and regulatory agencies affected by this attack.  

Via:  Reuters
altshep123 4 months ago

Sean, check out your first sentence I think you a word.

My wife worked for a small non-profit and while working on a web project for them I was burdened with the task of meeting some of the most strict regulations and requirements when it came to credit card processing and collecting and storing data less sensitive than this. They also have HIPPA requirements to abide by. I'd think this sector would be ahead of the game when it comes to data-security.

I'm pretty sure I missed out on a job because I refused to give over an exorbitant amount of personal data to a recruiting firm because I didn't trust how that data was going to be stored... Defending yourself online is already a full time job. Sucks when something like this happens and it's completely out of your hands.

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