Comcast Shies Away from Usage Based Billing

Comcast hasn't exactly been one to avoid bad PR. We need only think back to the whole BitTorrent throttling fiasco, or more recently, Level 3's accusation that Comcast is essentially putting an extortion charge on whisking Netflix traffic down to its subscribers. But here's one bit of good news coming from the Comcast camp -- the ISP reportedly isn't planning to bill its customers based on data usage, Yahoo News reports.

"Right now we have no plan in place to activate usage-based pricing," Comcast bigwig Neil Smit told investors on Tuesday.

No need to pull the plug, Comcast says it isn't switching to a usage-based billing model.

That's great news for customers addicted to streaming media, such as Netflix and OnLive, not to mention all those ginormous game demo downloads and Steam titles. And while it's true Comcast subscribers are capped at 250GB of data per month, according to Comcast, the average subscriber doesn't come anywhere close to that number.
Via:  Yahoo News
rapid1 4 years ago

yeah that 250Gb cap has never been an issue for me. I think once I had just under 200 in a month. That is a lot of data, so there would really be no advantage for Comcast to go there. The only people who would use over that cap would either be running a server, or just media addicts completely. Where everyone's uses data to a considerable amount, the amount of people who have the time to even do something like that are rare I would think.

However while I am on Comcast right now, a Uverse tech is at my house right now changing me over to a Fiber connection/TV. They were running specials with no contract so I will check them out for a bit. I need to get a HD TV to! Previous to this I have wanted one, but also being the HW news Junkie I am I just could not see it at previous price points, and performance levels. Right now those seem to be leveling out so HD here I come.

jonation 4 years ago

rapid- I just bought a 42" 1080p 120hz LED LCD (Vizio edgelit...) for around $600. It's technically an xmas gift so I havent tested it yet. But a steal none the less. The non LED LCD version was around $450. I bucked up since I'm moving soon, and the lighter the better.

Usage caps only make sense if the "product" being transported is owned by the same company running the line. Like water. You pay per usage. However, when the consumer makes the "product" being transported- it only makes sense to pay to use the line, not per X. It's like roads, you don't pay for every time you drove, you just pay (with your taxes) to keep the line available and maintained.

Drago 4 years ago

Maybe they can tell the mobile broadband companies to get rid of their data cap that they have imposed at 5gig a month.

realneil 4 years ago

I use 5Gig in a few days sometimes.

imacpufan 4 years ago

250GB is pretty much do you pay to get that? I'm in Ottawa, Canada and I pay about $70/month to get 10mbps download with a 95GB limit. That's with Rogers...

rapid1 4 years ago

Yeah imAcpufan I don't see a problem with a 250GB cap, and as far as it goes realneil in 30 days if you used 7 gigabytes every single day you would still have 40Gb left over at the end of the month unused. As I said I got Uverse Fiber to home yesterday anyway. I have faster internet and more channels as well as seemingly more functionality (after using it for a night) than Comcrap anyway. I also get it all with a 2Mbps (IE: 12 vs 10 for less money) increase in bandwidth, and considerably more channels than I got with Comcrap for 18 dollars a month cheaper. It seems to be faster internet wise as well, and the picture on the TV is Clearer as well as more customizable. I imagine because it is a straight IP cased transmission method so basically it is like live closed circuit television over fiber.

pinkyy8081 3 years ago

That's great that Comcast won't bill by usage. I was a long time loyal customer to Comcast but I found myself always wrestling with the service. Soon after my breaking point, I began working and subscribing to DISH Network and I know that I will never go back to cable. I have a new found respect for satellite and now I know why DISH has beaten out Comcast in customer satisfaction 10 years in a row. I highly recommend DISH now and I invite everyone to come and explore the endless possibilities with DISH Network.


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