Comcast Gets Hammered

Mona Shaw, of Bristow Virginia, decided that she'd had enough of Comcast's customer service and chose to do something about it: The 75-year-old took a hammer and starting demolishing a Comcast office.  Not bad for someone who lived through World War II and has a heart condition.

While this obviously isn't the recommended way to settle disputes and problems, she isn't exactly viewed as a crazed lunatic by everybody in her community.  Apparently the kinds of problems she encountered are far from rare:

“The city is negotiating an updated franchise agreement with Comcast, as well as a new cable agreement with Verizon.

Customer service is one of the main issues the city examined in its recent review of Comcast's old agreement. In June, the council held a public hearing and residents had virtually nothing good to say about Comcast. According to Councilman Jonathan Way, it hasn't gotten any better since then.

Way said the gist of resident calls he has received recently is still negative.”

For her troubles, Mona Shaw got arrested, but she also got a clear answer to the question she asked repeatedly during her rampage: “Have I got your attention now?”

That answer seems to be a resounding: “Sorry that's not my department, let me send over to the right department.”
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mazuki 7 years ago
i have an affinity for hating comcast, and their "superior service", their service is anything but this, there are so many other quality broadband companies out there, the problem is comcast is the most advertised and communities buy into the BS.

when this happens it's hard to get other cable providers to give service in that community.

there is no one you can yell at when you call, all you get is "try resetting the modem" resetting the modem won't make your servers suddenly upgrade to something that can handle the bandwidth you advertise!!!!!

i hate comcast with a passion, they should be looked into by the FCC for monopolizing the cable market.
nelsoncp21 7 years ago

Give that lady an award not a charge sheet. I hate comcast with a passion. There customer support is none existant, there product is always having issues and they charge way to much. My biggest complaint is that they charge you for your service on each television you have. Now explain this to me. I have 2 stb's and they charge me for digital service for each  box. SO basicly I pay for digital service to my home twice. I am not talking about the fee for renting the box I am talking about the service all together. It doesn't cost them anything more. Why should I have to pay for a service twice. It should be pay for the service and for each box you rent. If I have 5 boxes than they would charge me for digital service 5 times. That is just gay. They don't charge me twice for basic cable atleast though. I can not wait until verizon puts FIOS in my neighborhood. I have never hated 1 company more than I hate Comcast.

kate noel 7 years ago
There have been many posts about the incident with Mona Shaw. We are sincerely sorry for the customer service issues that she experienced. Comcast has more than 225 million customer interactions a year and we are striving to deliver a positive experience to every customer, every time. However, it is also our responsibility as an employer to ensure the safety of our employees. Ms. Shaw's actions were certainly not appropriate under any circumstances and we hope that contributors to these online forums would discourage others from taking physical action against customer service employees. We'd like customers reading this post to know that we are undergoing a company-wide effort to improve customer service. More information about this effort and how to contact Comcast online can be found at

Kate Noel, Comcast Corporation

nelsoncp21 7 years ago

wow wasn't expecting a response from a comcsat rep in here. As your are right though her actions were wrong. Honestly though you all need to do a complete overhaul of how you handle your customer service. Myself being a owner of a residential cabling company deal with your customers or prior customers on a dailey basis. 99% have a strong negative feeling about your company. Alot of them are willing to pay twice what you charge just to deal with another company regardless of how their service is. Now that FIOS is becoming more and more available you all will be really seeing a drop in regular customers. Customer service is just the tip of the iceberg. You all have major issues with your service reliability and with your billing. The only reason comcsat has gotten away with it for so long is because people do not have alot of options. It's to the point that I don't even recomend comcast to my customers anymore if they ask.

recoveringknowitall 7 years ago

There was a time in history not to terribly long ago when it was said that: "the customer is always right".

Increasingly it seems that the new mantra should be: "we don't care about you, just give us your money... yesterday".

HDTVTEK 7 years ago

 Maybe it's time Comcast stop raising rates and spend more time focusing on their customers. Two rate increases this year here. Common sense would tell you, every time you raise rates, you lose customers to the satellite providers. The picture quality from Cable is not near as good as it is on Satellite's all digital programming. The only ones Comcast is keeping are the elderly people that feel they'd be too confused to switch to satellite service. These elderly people can not afford the continued rate increases, but they need their TVs.

recoveringknowitall 7 years ago

You make some good points.

nelsoncp21 7 years ago

Ha i know some elderly people that use good old antennas still and the crappy one's to boot that only pick up a dozen stations. Over the next 5 years I expect alot to change. TV over the net will improve giving people more options there but you still have to pay for internet service. Fios is really giving comcast a run. Not to mention there are so many more OTA HD channels available and it will just continue to grow. Technology for the home is just booming.

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