Chrome-Powered Notebooks Coming Soon

Don't go taking that Red Ryder BB Gun off of your Christmas wish list and replacing it with a Google Chrome notebook, the latter won't be out in time for the holidays. But don't go pouting, either -- according to reports, notebooks infused with Google's Chrome operating system will start trickling out next year.

"For us, it is a long journey building a true cloud computing model," said Sundar Pichai, vice president of product management at Google, while demonstrating the Chrome OS at a recent press event. "This is what we are working on."

Pichai said that both Acer and Samsung are currently building laptops with Chrome baked in that will go on sale in 2011. How these notebooks ultimately fare will depend on a variety of factors, including whether or not Joe User is ready to give up a standard OS and trade it in for cloud-based experience. With Chrome OS, everything a user does takes place in the cloud, and you can almost think of Chrome OS as a browser on steroids.
Via:  Yahoo News
lifeskills 4 years ago

Just signed up for the pilot program yesterday. I hope I get picked to test one out! Although the cloud experience will be very weird for me. Heres the link in case anyone else wants to try for the pilot program.

inspector 4 years ago

ya, skill, i was going to sign up as well but it said 18+ :(

realneil 4 years ago

Thanks for the link, I signed up to try one of them out.

OSunday 4 years ago

Man that'd be a neat device to get your hands on, and if you get to keep the prototype it'd probably be worth a decent some in the future if Chrome OS turns out to be a sucess and gains popularity

3vi1 4 years ago

Thanks LS: I put my hat in for a handful of them. I'd love to distribute a few to the higher-ups and try to use them to eventually leverage us to less proprietary solutions.

lifeskills 4 years ago

No problem, I hope I get one. A little curious about the google cloud, which types of applications will installable, and which will be offered on the cloud. I know Google Docs is going to be a big part of it, but what about photo/video editing and audio programs that google has not conquered yet. My teachers at school have been talking about cloud computing for a few years, and about how eventually most programs like the adobe suite or Microsoft office will be offered via cloud as a pay per use service.

Although I do not really want to move in that direction, I am really interested in how the transition will happen.

Actually, now that I think about it, cloud computing blows my mind.

rapid1 4 years ago

I bet every geek in the world has signed up for this though.

rapid1 4 years ago

Not that I did not :)

3vi1 4 years ago

True dat.

I signed up with my company in mind though. Perhaps Google will give me extra points for honesty, specifically on the point where they asked how the laptops would likely be used and I said "To negotiate down the cost of our Microsoft Windows licenses."

realneil 4 years ago

[quote user="3vi1"]"To negotiate down the cost of our Microsoft Windows licenses."[/quote]

Sounds like a Googleishish reason to me! Tongue Tied

countcristo 4 years ago

Hahaha nice. I was going to sign up at work under education because I'm still in school, but it got super busy. =(

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