Chrome Turns 2, New Version Launches To Celebrate

Looking in the rear view, there's no question, technology has evolved in a huge way since 2008 and few areas have evolved as much as the Web browser space. The competition has heated up in a big, big way. Microsoft has found themselves lagging behind in terms of features and flexibility, Firefox's popularity has grown, Safari has picked up extensions support, and Google's Chrome has entered the fold. 

It was obvious that the search engine giant would bring a solid product to market and there are many solid alternatives now to Internet Explorer.

This week marks the two year anniversary (or birthday, if you'd prefer) of Chrome, and even that browser has changed a lot (for the better) since 2008. In order to celebrate 2 years, Google is releasing a new stable version (Chrome 6) that's even faster and more streamlined than prior versions. Chrome is now three times faster than it was two years ago on JavaScript performance, and the UI has been stripped down a bit more to make browsing even simpler.

Life on the web, in the browser.
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Google has also promised that they won't be taking too long a break to celebrate. The next edition of Chrome is already underway, promising to be even faster when it's released in the future. Are you a Chrome convert? Would you consider trying it out now that it's had two years to mature?
inspector 4 years ago

Even simpler? i thought it was too simple already, i just don't like the feel of chrome as it seems like it has too little features when looked at. Maybe i just got to get use to it.

lifeskills 4 years ago

I use chrome because of that. I like how clean and simple it is, and the absence of many extra features that I don't use creates more room on the screen for web content. I also like that their is no bar along the bottom of the browser.

UMartin 4 years ago

Chrome 6 out? Great...but I just downloaded and installed Chrome 7.

TWalters 4 years ago

Chrome 7 is still in Beta, folks; that will make a difference...

realneil 4 years ago

I have 6 already, just got seven and I'm installing it now.

realneil 4 years ago

Now I have Chrome 7.0.503.0 installed. Looks the same.

GHernandez 4 years ago

I have been using chrome since the day it became available. I take the bumps but honestly as a web application developer the speed and feature implementation (HTML5) is necessary to keep ahead. I think dev 7 is (ironically) the best stable branch out there but most of the time i am in canary build.

kaipei 4 years ago

GOOGLE CHROME - GOTTA LUV IT ;) Like most people, I started out on IE (BORING & SLOW) and then switched to Firefox which rocked out... until of course, Chrome came along and stole me away. It's simply the fastest browsing experience ever. And to think their gonna make it FASTER ??? WTF? WOW. That's all I can say. Keep rockin' Chrome. Happy B-Day!

hitech 4 years ago

Yes, I also use chrome. It is very light and fast as well. There is an article which have some main listing of chrome features

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