Burner Disposable Phone Number App Now Available for Android

Some of us are familiar with the concept of “burner” cell phones from movies involving copious amounts of crime, but wouldn’t you know it, there are also legitimately legal uses for a temporary cell phone or phone number, such as job searches, Craigslist communications, and so on. The Burner app gave iOS users the ability to generate disposable phone numbers, and now the same is available to Android users, as well.

The free app download comes with one free Burner number, which allows for incoming and outgoing calls and text messages, voicemail, and the ability to earn free credits if you invite friends to use the service.

Burner Android app

Users must build up or buy credits to use various aspects of the service; credits are available in increments of 3 ($1.99), 8 ($4.99), 15 ($7.99), and 25 ($11.99). For perspective, 3 credits will get you a “Mini Burner” of 7 days or 20 calls or 60 texts; 8 credits buys a “Large Burner” with 30 days or 90 voice or 270 texts.

Having access to instant, unlimited burners is a great power; use responsibly.
Clixxer one year ago

That could be very interesting to use especially with trying to sell things from person to person and not having to give them your personal cell. Prices don't seem to steep either unless you plan on using it alot. Good to see all the good apps from iOS are coming to Android.

thunderdan602 one year ago

This makes so much sense. I never even heard of this app until i read it on here. Thanks HotHardWare.com.

ajm531 one year ago

this sounds like the perfect app for michael weston(anyone?)

Clixxer one year ago

[quote user="ajm531"]

this sounds like the perfect app for michael weston(anyone?)


Uhh I think he invented that app but just likes changing phones for the hell of it! Sold it to that company and funds his "im a spy" gig.

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