Building a PC, HotHardware and This Old Nerd Style

In lieu of our regularly scheduled episode of Two and a Half Geeks this week, we decided to feature a rather lengthy video we put together with our podcast host, Iyaz, for his show This Old Nerd, detailing the steps necessary to assemble a system from start to finish. One of Marco’s incredibly cute daughters also makes a few surprise cameos throughout the vid if you pay attention to what’s going on in the background...

For many of you HotHardware regulars, this video may be a bit elementary, but if you’ve never built a system before or have friends or family thinking about taking the plunge, we hope this helps demystify some of the process.

A special thanks goes out to our friends at Patriot Memory and Thermaltake for helping make the video possible.

coolice 3 years ago

I've bent pins on my amd x2-5000 and fixed em using a credit card... The first time it happened, i was scared shitless and didnt know what to do haha.

and come on Iyaz, put some force in putting in those ram sticks haha.

Also, thanks for the thermal paste trick... i've always had trouble applying it and wiping off the excess. I never thought about the micro holes. also, i've always applied a LOT more thermal paste than shown in this video, didn’t know you could get away with it.

I’ll check out, never heard of it. Sounds like a promising website

Also, about the Power Supply… I can vouch for it… don’t cheap out with it! My generic PSU had some frayed wires and almost started a fire. Lukily I was home when I could smell the pc smoke up!

PS although I don’t personally use an anti static bracelet, I think it would be a good suggestion for people starting out building computers. The last thing you want is little Johnny to fry his 300$ cpu because he was wearing sockets on a carpeted floor in the middle of winter building a computer hehe.

rapid1 3 years ago

That was good I liked it, what did you guys do with Dave, Make him go to a convention or something? Anyway one thing I saw in the build that I found to be at least out of line was the memory. It is not that you inserted the sockets wrong, but they seem to be in the wrong sockets. I have experience with motherboards, and I know they all differ in this, but my direct experience with Gigabyte tells me memory should be in slot 1 and 3 for one kit if it is dual channel DDR3, and the 2 and 4 for the next kit if you add more memory. You guys put the memory in slot's 1 and 2 so it would only run in single channel mode because you are only using one channel!

Either way great presentation it made me itch to build a new PC, so I am gonna have to do something. I think since it has been about a year since I have done any heatsink maintenance I need to clean up some processors/heatsinks and reapply. I cleaned all my fans and heatsink's last week, but did not change out my Artic (and no it is not silver I use Ceramique :-p)!

dadodgeson 3 years ago

great job i wish you had put in a revo drive since im going to put my first one in tonight but i like the black tape idea and the bent pin is a little different with Intel but the same fix unless the pin is striate thats a little hard to get bent back in the right shape with bad eyes hope you show all you put in the system in a later pod cast lyaz good stuff

Der Meister 3 years ago

ROLF! "I told you it was easy..."classic

FreeJet 3 years ago


CDeeter 3 years ago

Thanks guys for the great vid. Now when someone asks me about building a computer I can have them watch this!

Are there any out takes of the cable management you could throw up?

marco c 3 years ago

The outakes were plentiful, but I'm not sure how much Iyaz saved. He's been in the middle of some moves and other work and has been really swamped.

CDeeter 3 years ago

Thanks for responding, and tell Iyaz he did a great job. I really admire how clean your builds look. It almost looks like there are no cables at all in the case, and that's something I defiantly want to get better at.

iyaz 3 years ago

I have a bunch of outtakes, but the episode was so incredibly long that I couldn't get them in. I'll see if I can put together an outtake extra for you fine folks.

4hams 3 years ago

[quote user="iyaz"]

I have a bunch of outtakes, but the episode was so incredibly long that I couldn't get them in. I'll see if I can put together an outtake extra for you fine folks.


Thanks iyaz!  The video should be very funny I am sure.  Hope you put that new rig to good use?

CDeeter 3 years ago

Thanks Iyaz, sure do appreciate all the effort you put in for us!

SammyHayabuza 3 years ago

I LOVED THE VIDEO, I downloaded it from thisoldnerd, and I have it stored to watch it again. Marco has a lot of knowledge and I've learned a lot from watching this.   

The part about installing the ram was the part that I liked most, because,  one time , I was cleaning out my old PC, and I decided out of curiosity, to detach and then attach again the ram to see how it is done.....bad move, I had trouble putting it back on and I was afraid to break it if I put too much pressure on it. I had to wait the next day for my cousin to come and install the Ram back ..

... now after watching the vid, I realized I was just a wuss...(Avatar Quote)"Don't you think I felt like a shaved tail louie"

Great Work  Iyaz and Marco, hope to see more in the future!!

Dave_HH 3 years ago

I just want to know what the heck a "shaved tail louie" is?!?!?!

SammyHayabuza 3 years ago

I thought it was something else, until I found this right now....

Colonel Quaritch mentions that being on Pandora made him feel "like a shave-tail Looie." "Shave tail" was a term originally used in the 19th century among U.S. cavalry regiments. Newly assigned cavalry troopers were given horses with a shaved tail, to let other troopers know that the rider was dangerously inexperienced, and should be given extra room to maneuver during training. "Looie" is a nickname for lieutenant, the lowest ranking, and least experienced, rank among U.S. Marine Corps officers.


3vi1 3 years ago

Arrrrggghhh.... page reloaded about 12 minutes into video.... picking it up and watching the rest over at This Old Nerd...

Dave_HH 3 years ago

OK OK, we get the message. What's that old saying? Say it don't spray it? :)

3vi1 3 years ago

LoL... I wouldn't have minded so much if I wasn't so into the video. I've built plenty of PCs, but I really enjoy seeing how someone with more experience like Marco goes through the process.

BRB after I finish watching....

3vi1 3 years ago




Iyaz asked all the right questions.

"Don't skimp on the power-supply." - EXCELLENT advice. That's the one item I've seen fail the most, and the one where the quality varies the greatest. I've had a cheap power supply fry an expensive CPU. :\

I'm surprised Marco didn't go with a PS that had detachable cables, given how beautiful his cabling work is.

Iyaz: Don't settle on one OS.... Install two! Install Windows, because it's probably what you know, then install LinuxMint, ubuntu, Kubuntu or something like that (they will walk you through resizing the Windows partitions - the installation might even make a great vid!). You can then experiment with a full-blown Linux box, and have the peace of mind knowing you can boot back to Windows if it's not obvious how to do something with Linux. And then, boot back to Linux when Windows blue-screens from a virus.

Keep up the great work guys!

lifeskills 3 years ago

Awesome video fellas. This will be a great help when helping someone do a build for their first time.

inspector 3 years ago

LOL Marco's walls are built of those CPUs he didn't give lyaz :P lol

Nice how-to vid :)

fat78 3 years ago

That case seems realy nice for the price i saw it at.

I dont know how marco does it ,but his cable mangement is amazing. I could spend all day working on my cables and it wouldnt come out like that. lol

rrplay 3 years ago

This video is simply great ! on buiding a pc !..having a novice get their 'hands on' experience working along and  installing some of te parts and plugging them in like Marco had Iyaz do is great..

When I first joind this forum I looked around and read a bit and posted a comment in referece to 'mature' content..some gufaws etc ... this is  type of content & experince that i had been referring too.

Note to Self >> Better organization of mini toolkit !!



4hams 3 years ago

Hey Marco Great video! 

Anyone thinking of building a computer for the first time should be encouraged to watch and see how truly easy computer building is.  

You showed all the basic steps involved and in the correct sequence.  I like the fact that this has an easy going feeling to it so the average person watching would think, hey I can do that. 

Let's encourage people to learn to build a decent computer for their needs rather than having them spend good money on pre-built crap from manufacturers.

Dave_HH 3 years ago

I think we need more This Old Nerd on HH! Iyaz, you can be bought. I know you can! :D

rrplay 3 years ago

[quote user="Dave_HH"]

I think we need more This Old Nerd on HH! Iyaz, you can be bought. I know you can! :D


I am def ALL-IN for more of This Old Nerd ...long with some of the bloopers aka senior moments

ya know there was actually a countdown going on in here in anticipation of this episode Quote "Only 2 more days until This Old Nerd"

.maybe start a thread asking others what we would like to see ??

What Would We Like To See On "This Old Nerd'  [View:]




Dave_HH 3 years ago

Iyaz is a pup, hardly an "Old Nerd" really but the name of his show wouldn't work as well without the "old" in there.

fat78 3 years ago

I kinda want to see more of the cabling part of this build, i need some tips in cabling.

AKwyn 3 years ago

Even though I can't get the video to load, I'm sure this'll be a great help to anybody building their first system.

Also cable management is easy once you know how you do it. If you don't have a space to stuff the cables, just find unused places to hide the unneeded cables, tie the cables together tightly and bam! You've got cable management.

That's what I did with my PC, and it's still working fine after all of these years.

iyaz 3 years ago

Marco did another video about building a PC with a lot more info on the cabling. You can watch it here:

coolice 3 years ago
ooo sweet, thanks for sharing! if someones too lazy to highlight, copy, then paste, here you go:
lifeskills 3 years ago

I have that dorky blue usb3 cable running from the front panel all the way back through the WC hole and into the usb3 port on the back as well. IMO cases should be left without it until motherboards get with it and add some headers, but just wanted to say that annoys me too.

Iyaz how do you like that corsair cooler, is that the a50?

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